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Coming soon! New SPN-GT story featuring tiny!Jo :D
(Just need to pick a posting day)Dance Dance 
Height Difference - Normal vs GT by Obsess-Confess
Height Difference - Normal vs GT
I had so many lovely suggestions from the last one of these I did! I think this one was actualy my own idea but I'm dying to get to more of them someday when i actually have the time. Maybe I'll just lower the quality or something to make them faster...

    Hazel shuddered, a fresh wave of crippling panic coursing through her. What was she supposed to do now? Sylvia was hurt. Other humans were hurt, too. Even one of the enormous hunters. Her green eyes locked on her sister’s pale face, unwavering. What about any of this was so worth risking her life?

    Hazel backed away in the air as Jon unfolded to his full height, towering amongst the trees. There was no way she could take him on, even if she had already discovered her calling in magic. He was bigger and stronger, no way around it.

    But maybe fighting these monster hunters wasn't necessary. After all, Sylvia trusted them enough to call for them in her most vulnerable hour. She had let the hunter scoop her up in a hand bigger than her whole body, no resistance whatsoever. Maybe something had been lost in translation after all. Maybe these hunters weren't the fairy-snatching criminals Mother had made them out to be.

    But it was hard to be sure.

    As much as she wanted to keep an eye on her sister, Hazel tore her gaze away from Sylvia and flew higher to be more at level with the hunter. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him head-on for more than a second or two at a time, but she felt better without him towering over her so much. She looked farther away, and she felt her heart clench up with new terror immediately.

    The other humans were a fair distance away, but that didn’t change that she was out in the open. They were looking at her. Giants, all of them able to snatch her out of the air with barely any effort even if she fought her hardest. All of them with their attention on her. Breath catching in her throat, she brought her shaking hands close to her mouth and backed in the other direction. She nearly dropped out of the air when she bumped into something solid behind her. She whipped her head over her shoulder to find Jon’s arm.

    Hazel cried out and bolted a foot away, half-expecting him to lash out in response to the accidental contact.

    “Whoa, take it easy,” Jon rumbled quietly. “Hazel-”

    “No!” she blurted. He knew her name! Spoke to her like he knew her!

    Jon sighed out through his nose, sparing a worried glance at the precious cargo in his hand, then back around at the others nearby. Though she was grateful he didn’t make any move to snatch her up, the urgency in his vast gaze didn’t entirely rule out that possibility. She swallowed hard when he focused on her again.

    "I know I'm not your favorite person, but I meant what I said. I’m going to get you back home, just like your sister said. I need you to trust me, just for a little while.”

    Hazel went still again, humbled by the sight of her sister lying limp in Jon’s hand. Her short hair was askew, her chest rising in breaths so shallow they were barely visible. Knotting her trembling hands together, she flew a few inches nearer to Jon.

    “You’ll keep her safe?” Hazel confirmed.

    “Both of you. I promise.” Jon followed her movement with a slight dip of his chin. "Stick close to me."

    It was like being caught in a nightmare, but Hazel put up no argument to stay near to him. With Sylvia unconscious, she was utterly alone in the situation. She wanted to trust her sister's judgment on the humans, she really did, but she had spent the last few days thinking they had kidnapped Sylvia again. The worry and sorrow couldn't be erased on a whim.

    Yet, there was no mistaking the tender way Jon held Sylvia; he genuinely seemed to care for her safety. That alone was enough to make Hazel more inclined to trust him... Even if he had kissed her sister in front of her. Again.

    Hazel flew level with Jon’s shoulder as he started back towards riverbank at a brisk pace. He turned his head in the direction of the injured campers, pausing briefly to pull out a small metallic object from his pocket and toss it at the man.

    “Call 911!” Jon barked over to them. “Get an ambulance out here!”

    Hazel clamped her hands over her ears in protest, realizing just how loud Jon could be when he wanted to. She hung back for a moment in midair, watching as the man fumbled to press a quick succession of buttons on the device before bringing it up to his ear. He started talking in a hurried voice to someone he couldn’t see, babbling about the giant alligators attacking at the edge of Vermeer River.

    Her heart softened as she paused to let herself look openly at the injured woman. Laid across her lover’s lap, she was clutching at a gaping red stain on her shirt,  She was scared, too. She didn’t deserve to be bleeding out in the middle of nowhere. When the woman stared back, Hazel was startled into catching back up with Jon. His huge boots sunk into the mud, leaving behind tremendous, shoe-shaped craters as he walked over to offer the other hunter a hand in getting to his feet. She struggled to focus less on how casually destructive he was capable of being, and more on the fact that he was protecting Sylvia.

    “You’re not looking so hot,” Jon remarked, taking into account Cliff’s clammy grip.

    Cliff gave a pained chuckle. “Yeah? You're not exactly America's Next Top Model yourself.”

    Butterflies erupted anew within the pit of Hazel’s stomach as the blonde hunter stood next to Jon at his full, colossal height. She could only recall him as the human that had snatched her out of the tree when she'd been eavesdropping those days ago. She was far more cautious of him, but felt a twinge of worry when she saw the state he was in. Blood soaked through the shirt tied around his shoulder in a horrible blotch. He had to be in an awful amount of pain.

    Cliff’s jade eyes fell to the fairy in Jon’s hand and went still. "Shit... What happened to her?"

    “Her spell backfired. She's… She’s freezing."

    “The ice,” Cliff realized softly.

    Jon nodded mournfully, the hand bearing Sylvia aloft closing a little more protectively around her. “There’s nothing I can do for her right now.”

    Cliff’s thoughtful scowl drifted over Jon’s shoulder. "The little one coming, too?"

    Hazel stiffened when she realized he was talking about her.

    "Yeah. We're taking her back to the willows," Jon affirmed, shooting Hazel a tight smile over his shoulder.

    She couldn’t bring herself to even attempt smiling back. They were taking her back to the willows… But what about Sylvia? She was afraid to ask, knowing the answer would be that they were keeping her. With the way Sylvia talked about the hunters while trailing them through the trees, there was no question.

    Hazel swallowed hard and backed out of the way when Jon moved toward the other humans. She kept a safe distance, rotating her wary gaze to each human in turn. She hoped they would be too preoccupied with getting the woman on her feet, but Hazel noticed the man’s curious eyes settle on Jon’s occupied hand anyway.

    "So uh… Are those fairies you’re working with there?" The man dared to out the elephant in the air between them. Jon looked uncomfortable, and Hazel watched anxiously as he braced the hand holding Sylvia defensively against his midsection.

    "We just saved your lives,” Cliff said, throwing him a pointed look. “How about you shut your pie hole about 'em, and consider us even?"

    The man eyed up Hazel and Sylvia with nervous wonderment one last time before ducking his head in resignation. “Fair enough,” he mumbled, returning the little metal device to Jon.

    After pocketing his device, Jon took a knee at the woman’s side, offering his free arm in getting her to her feet. She looked almost as pale as Sylvia at this point. Hazel grimaced and clamped her hands over her nose to ward off the smell of blood.

“Here,” Jon said, slipping his arm under the woman’s, taking on half her weight. “Let me-”

    “No.” The woman’s lover readjusted his own grip, hefting her up bridal style in his arms. “I’ve got her.”

    He bore a steely look in his eyes that neither hunter could bring themselves to argue with. They set off uphill through the woods, leaving the monstrous corpse of the would-be giant alligator drifting in the river behind them.

    Hazel followed in absolute silence as they traveled, tears gradually disappearing. Her eyes darted to Jon's hand constantly. The rest of the time she stared Cliff, her nerves perpetually on edge. The other two humans were unfamiliar, and she kept her gaze trained away from them as much as possible. Judging by the man’s reaction, she guessed they had just discovered fairies exist. She felt immensely uncomfortable whenever a curious eye was turned toward her; she aimlessly wondered how Sylvia could possibly get used to being around these giants day and night without going absolutely crazy. She’d never felt so vulnerable in her life.

    The trek wore on until Hazel was sure that she wouldn’t be able to keep herself in the air with all the stress weighing her down. But at last, red and blue rays became visible through the trees. They flashed sporadically, making their presence known even from a distance deep into the cluster of rain-soaked maples. Her initial hope that a team from the village had tracked them down was dashed when she saw the source of the lights: metal machines, all harsh lines and huge wheels.

    “What’s that?” she whispered near Jon’s ear.

    “Ambulance,” he muttered in reply. He fell back, letting Cliff and the other man continue ahead. Hazel whipped her head around to face him directly and blinked in mild horror when she saw why he had stopped. Jon pulled open the breast pocket of his jacket with a single finger and tilted his hand to slip Sylvia inside.

    "Hazel, we're about to be around a lot of people,” he revealed, fixing her with one of his stern, calm looks. “I need you to hide with your sister.”

    The little girl hesitated, drawing away from Jon in alarm. “In there?”

    A flicker of apology flickered over his face as he nodded. “Just long enough to get you out of here unseen.”

    Hazel’s eyes drifted to their destination—some sort of human building, with the metal machines forming a wall in front. Even from this far back, she could see a dozen humans milling around. The idea of being visible to even more humans was downright unspeakable. Conflicted, she sighed sharply. It would give her a chance to be near Sylvia again. Hazel’s reasoning didn’t take away that she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

    After responding with a wordless nod, she glided into the pocket he held open for her and folded her wings tightly to make as much room as possible. She felt Sylvia's cold skin in the dim lighting. Quickly adjusting, Hazel pulled Sylvia's limp torso up and settled behind her, letting her sister's head rest on her shoulder.

    "The things I do for you," Hazel muttered, grabbing her sister's hand and locking fingers with it. "When you get better, you owe me big time."

    Orders were shouted amongst the humans, barely muffled through the thin wall of tight-weaved fabric. An army of new voices swarmed around. Somewhere to Jon’s right, Hazel heard the unfamiliar human couple following by his side, explaining in frantic detail what had happened. Cliff’s voice moved further away, too, turning tinny like he was inside one of the wheeled metal machines.

    "And what were you two doing out here in the first place?" an authoritative rose over the chaos of activity. The woman--she was pretty sure it was a woman--was so close to Jon, Hazel was certain she could see them in the pocket. She bit back a whimper and huddled both her and Sylvia as far up against Jon’s chest as she could manage.

    "We hunt recreationally," Jon replied, his voice practically an earthquake from this close.

    “You got a license for that?”

    “Yes, ma’am. Came out here looking to string up some jackrabbits, and heard the trouble down by the bank. Couldn’t just stand by.”

    A brief lull in the conversation was enough to make Hazel break out in a nervous sweat. Was the woman taking notes or taking a closer look at his pocket?

    "A twelve-gauge seems a bit much for some rabbits. Still, these two are certainly lucky you were in the area. Good aim you've got there."

    The close-by steps crunched away. Before Hazel could prepare herself, Jon was on the move again. She heard more humans grow louder with proximity, and something about Jon agreeing to ride with Cliff to the hospital.

    Too many voices around her. Too much movement. Hazel squeezed her eyes shut and clung harder to Sylvia, wishing it was over. Every sound from the outside and every rattling footstep from Jon only made her want go home and pretend none of it was happening.

    And leave Sylvia?

    If a spell had backfired on Hazel instead, Sylvia would have never left her side for anything, even if she was scared out of her mind. Humans or no humans, Hazel knew she couldn’t leave her sister until she was well again.

    Her resolve on the matter nearly broke when she felt something brush against her from the outside of the pocket. She shivered, partly because of the icy body she was holding, and partly because she realized it was a hand on the other side of the fabric. Maybe Jon was making some attempt at comfort by touching his pocket, but Hazel only grew more unnerved.

    "Seriously, how can you deal with this?" she whispered to Sylvia through gritted teeth, expecting no answer. Somehow, talking to her sister, even unconscious, made her feel better. She relaxed, deciding to be grateful that Jon hadn't forgotten them. He hadn't intended to startle her.

Hazel took a few deep breaths, feeling more chilled by the minute with her proximity to Sylvia. That was the least of her worries. From what she could gather, they were riding in one of those wheeled metal machines. She leaned back against the inner lining of the pocket and closed her eyes, praying things would be calmer when she opened them again.
Dean blearily cracked his eyes open. The world was sideways and glimmering with red flashes on the wall and carpet... But it was normal. Normal! A huge knot evaporated from his gut, the relief hitting him like a tidal wave. He watched Jensen untangled himself from Jared on the other side of the crystal ball. It was surreal as ever, but a comfort. It was like a mirror image confirmation that he was really six foot one again. With him and Jensen restored, everything was the way it started.

Everyone was fixed.  

Now the imp's true size was evident: no more than three inches tall, she was plastered to the outside of the radiating crystal, arms and legs spread at her sides. She wasn't trapped within, but she had the stiff look of being telekinetically pinned down-- something Dean had been on the receiving end of too many times to count. And yet, she was beaming. Her shoulders shook with silent laughter.

"I don't know what you're smiling about. You're not going anywhere," Dean sneered, pushing himself off the carpet.

The imp giggled, raising her eyebrows at him. "Who says I want to leave? Then I'd miss the best part of the night. The show must go on." Her blue eyes drifted behind him, flickering to black.

Dean spun around, only halfway to his feet. His eyes sank lower and lower, locking with horror to a miniature Sam Winchester standing only two feet high. And he was still shrinking. It was a horrible rate to shrink at, too. Not too quick to cope with, but just slow enough that Dean could literally watch his little brother slip further away from him with every passing second. For a split second, they just stared at each other, each watching with a morbid fixation as the other transformed before their eyes. Sam passed the one foot mark, his descent not slowing down even as he sought strategic ground within his brother's ever-enveloping shadow.

"No," Dean rasped. "No, no, no-- fuck me, where's the script?"

"I've got it! Sam, hang on-"

Jared's voice was cut short, like a cassette tape being snipped mid-play. Dean shot a look over his shoulder to see Jared and Jensen frozen in place. Jared was reaching for the script. Jensen was gaping at Sam in fear with wide green eyes that Dean felt oddly possessive of. The entire room seemed to desaturate and blur. Like everything but Sam and Dean had been paused permanently. No doubt the imp's doing... which meant something had gone wrong. She was still freely flaunting the powers that should have been restrained.

Snatching the script away from Jared's reaching hand, Dean flipped through the pages for the Latin incantation.

"Oh shit," he breathed, closing the space back to the other side of the trailer in three big steps... Where Sam was now barely noticeable at a dwindling four inches. Dean scooped him up into his hand hastily, cradling him possessively as he repeated the spell.

"Omnipote, regala, en nimbus me..." Dean announced boldly. He glanced down at Sam and nearly lost it-- the love line of Dean's calloused palm now treated his barely inch and a half brother like a fleshy hammock.

Ever distracted by the diminishing body in his palm. Dean forced out every word, knowing nothing less than perfection would do.

The hardest part was how slow the shrinking happened.

When Sam had initially changed size, he'd been asleep. He had no idea how fast he or the Impala had shrank down, so to him it had been instantaneous. Considering the way he'd shot back to size just as quick, he doubted it had been a slow process.

This time, the imp was toying with them. The world ballooned around Sam, the frozen Jared and Jensen becoming matching monoliths. Dean's footsteps crashed nearby, calling Sam's attention to the panicked hunter that swept him up into a careful palm. Sam could almost recognize the moment he hit two and a half inches again, as his world seemed to normalize. A strange normal, but one he’d adjusted to for a time.

Dean's voice echoed loudly overhead, trying to spit out the spell in its entirety before Sam lost even more height.

Unfortunately, the shrinking didn't stop there. Sam clutched at one of the fingers towering above him, real fear showing through as his own increasingly small fingers sank into the wrinkles in Dean's skin. The hand became his world, the rest of Dean too large to comprehend as a single living being. Dean's finger twitched, in nerves or maybe because Sam's hands tickled it, and he was tossed to the ground, his fall cushioned by the spongy skin.

Sam scrambled up to his knees, staring up at what he could see of Dean in awe. The huge voice changing the invocation had become the rumbles of thunder overhead, the words lost to Sam's ears. He was less than an inch tall... then he approached a centimeter in length. If he got stuck like this, he wouldn't ever be able to talk to Dean again. He was a bug, his tiny arms and legs as thin as needles while Dean was the size of a mountain.

Sam squeezed his eyes shut, blocking out the terrifying sight in front of him. He said a silent prayer, holding his breath.

Then, everything stopped.

The spell was complete. Dean raised his frantic gaze: wind whipped around the room as the tiny demon was pulled against her will into the crystal. Sam was a mere crumb in his palm now, and Dean cupped both hands in horror around the precious dark spot that was his little brother. He couldn't even see if Sam was moving at this point. Nor could he feel him.

It was like Sam wasn’t even there anymore.

With a final anguished gasp, the imp became trapped within the crystal ball. The wind dropped away. Extending his free hand, Dean seized the crystal and glared at its occupant.

"Fix him," Dean demanded, keeping his fury reserved to a whispered volume purely for Sam's sake. "Do it, now!"

The tiny black eyes glaring back at him within seemed to consume his entire vision. She was saying something, but blessedly, her voice was muted by the new walls of her crystal prison.

The world around him went dark, like a movie scene fading to black. Jared and Jensen vaporized into the pitch dark. The trailer vanished into a new plane of existence. Dean blinked- a new warmth crept in the corners of his vision. Warm, orange light from a bedside lamp. It took him a moment to recognize the new surroundings. The motel room. They were back in their motel room, in their own screwy universe.

He immediately looked for Sam in his hand.

The dark speck was gone.

Dean's heart dropped to his shoes. "Sam?" he whispered. He brought his hand right up to his eyes, analyzing all the lines and groves of his palm for the little speck of a person. An awful thought made his blood turn to ice. Maybe I wasn't fast enough. Maybe he's still there... and I can't even see him now.

Clenching the crystal furiously, he shook the imp within as he brought her higher to shout a new order. He stopped short when he heard a familiar, sleepy groan come from around the side of the bed. Inspired with a new hope, Dean leapt to his feet. A pair of slip-on boots were sticking out from the narrow space between the queen beds. And beyond that, long, denim clad legs...

A rush of wind was in his ears. Sam groaned, feebly making sure his arms and legs were still in one piece. The last image from before he'd been knocked to the ground flashed through his mind - an image of a desert stretching away from him, fleshy dunes rising in the distance and deep cracks he could slip into if he wasn't careful.

Dean's palm.

The rest of the hunter hadn't even been in sight anymore at that point, his flannel shirt in the distance just a blurry wall of color. Fingers arching over Sam's head cast deep shadows he could be lost in, columns almost the size of mountains that moved on their own from time to time. Dean could be careful all he wanted, but a single move on his part could kill Sam, sending him flying into the air or crushing him without noticing.

There was no movement around him. Shoving himself up, Sam took in a deep breath, opening his eyes. They widened at what he saw. Beds, nightstand, pictures on the wall... a regular, normal-sized motel room. He twisted around, searching out the person he knew would be there with him.

Green eyes met hazel. Sam's breath left him in a rush. He was normal. Dean was normal.


Sam had barely gotten the words out before Dean's knees thunked to the floor. The imp, encased in crystal, was dropped to the side and rolled away a few inches from impact.

Sam's eyes were still wide with shock as Dean swept him up into a bone-breaking hug. After a moment, the shock wore off and Dean felt Sam return the warm gesture. His fingers dug into the canvas of Sam's jacket, feeling how solid and real his little brother was. The way he was supposed to be. No tricks this time.

"Never thought I'd be glad to be looking up at you, Sasquatch," Dean scoffed out a disbelieving chuckle.

"I know what you mean," Sam choked out, gripping Dean back. "I don't think I'm a fan of being the short one."

He pulled away from Dean, staring around the room in surprise. Everything was just as they'd left it before heading out to the library before being hurled in that twisted dimensional reflection of theirs. Actors... their lives a TV show... "Strange lives," Sam said, almost to himself.

His eyes landed on the Impala, left alone on the bed. "Holy crap," Sam said, pulling away from Dean to stand up. "That's... that's how small the car is?" Funny to think he'd been driving her that size, racing around Dean's feet. He went over to the car, hovering a hand over it to compare sizes. The Impala didn't reach from the bottom of his palm to the tip of his fingers. She was that small. He could almost understand how Dean had nearly stepped on them without noticing.

Sam glanced back up at Dean. "You, ah... you know how to fix this?" he asked. He'd missed the end of the fight when he'd returned to normal. He hadn't even been able to hear the words being spoken by then, too small to understand what was being said far overhead.

Dean glanced down at the floor, snatching up the crystal orb. He twisted it around to get a look at the tiny demon encased within.

"I think she's bound to follow orders now." he said, peering in. It was a chilling sight within, having those tiny black eyes glued to him with such immovable hatred. The only thing between him and whatever world of demented size-play the imp favored was a few inches of crystal and a few words of Latin. Even despite that humbling fact, Dean smirked.

"Not laughing now, are you, bitch?"

He moved to hold her out pointedly at his shrunken car, then faltered. "Uh... maybe we should take her outside."

With the Impala in one hand and the imp in the other, the brothers strolled around to the back of the motel. The parking lot was, if possible, even more vacant than it had been in the evening. Dean could have laughed-- all the shit they had been through, and it was barely sunset.

The toy-sized car was set down a far distance upon the asphalt, adjusted to make room for the full-sized vehicle. Dean glanced to Sam briefly out of the corner of his eye, still amazed that this relief wasn't temporary.

"Alright," he said, glaring in at the imp. "Fix my damn car."

Sam watched as the crystal sphere glowed a bright red. This time, instead of concentrating its fury on him, the red shards of light converged on the tiny Impala he'd been shrunk down with. Wind whipped around the brothers as the car seemed to implode in size, shooting up from a bare seven inches to all eighteen feet of black and silver glory. As the evening sun set on the horizon, the Impala's lights seemed to flicker at them, letting them know she was okay at last.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Sam turned to Dean. Then frowned. If he remembered right... "You... might want to have her fix your duffel bag. I think it's still in your pocket, downsized." Sam smirked. "Can't have those Busty Asian Beauties too small to read, now, can we?"

Dean gave a small start, reaching up with his free hand to pat his pocket. Sure enough, a little lump stuck out at him. "I forgot it was there," he mumbled, a bit sheepish in the admission. He had a feeling Sam might still be a little sore about the whole "too small to feel" thing. But that would be remedied soon, he hoped.

He reached in, fumbling to slip his index finger through the loops of the duffle bag straps to pull it out. He dangled it before his eyes, taking a long look at the last remnant of the bizarre adventure. It was just so tiny- barely an inch and a half long, at best. And to think Sam had barely been a few times that size...

Shaking his head, Dean set down the duffle bag on the hood of the Impala, where it landed with a delicate clink of metal and clothes.

The Impala's glossy exterior reflected the bright cherry red beams that came in the aftermath of Dean's final order. Less than the span of a blink, and the duffel bag was back to its normal size. Dean handed off the imp to Sam so he could ruffle through its contents. He pulled out his stash of skin mags at the bottom, under his clothes and boxes of ammo. He grinned in relief. The glossy pages were unharmed.

"Alright, I think that's everything." Dean zipped up his worldly belongings and slung the bag on his shoulder. His green eyes trained upon the imp, no shame in hiding his satisfaction upon seeing her dwarfed by Sam for once.

"Shame that script didn't have a line on how to kill her," Dean muttered. It seemed like no revenge he imagined could be near enough to match the terror of nearly crushing or eating his own brother.

Sam held the crystal up to the fading sun, letting it reflect the light into a thousand shards. “Well, maybe that’s a good thing.”

He hastened to explain himself before Dean complained he was being too easy on her. “As far as we can tell, she’s immortal. So her being trapped in this crystal means she’s been imprisoned… forever.” He lowered it, closing his hand tight around the imp as he remembered what she’d done to him over the last few days. Treated like a toy, food, almost getting stepped on...

“She has an eternity to think about what she did and how she got trapped. You might say that’s worse than death, in a way. Especially this kind of demon. Imps gravitate towards ‘playmates,’ which is what she tried to turn me, and later you and Jensen, into. Now she has no one to talk to, nowhere to go, nothing to do but remain imprisoned, forever.” Sam nodded sharply. “A fate worse than death.”

He tossed the crystal ball into the air with a casual flick of the wrist, catching it at the last second. “So, you think Bobby has a place to stash her away?”

"If anyone does, it's him," Dean remarked, giving Sam a slight nod of approval at last. He had to give his little brother credit- it wasn't a half-bad idea. Whoever said revenge didn't taste sweet had the wrong approach to the whole concept.

He shouldered his duffle bag and Sam tossed him the car keys, which Dean caught eagerly. A day and a half without driving his baby-- that was flat out criminal. He slid a calloused hand along the glossy driver's side, all the way to the silvery handle. He popped open the door and slid inside. His bag was tossed to the backseat while he ran his hands over the steering wheel lovingly. Dean thought a dozen apologies at his car for nearly stepping on it, turning the keys in the ignition.

A familiar rumble sounded out as the engine purred in greeting. He was forgiven.

With that straightened out, Dean found reason to smile again.  He leaned towards the windshield, looking impatiently at his little brother outside.

"Hop in, short-stop."
The Comeback Kid || Chapter Seventeen (END)
Dance Dance 

The end is here and it came so soon!! Hope you all enjoyed! :D

Co-written by the fabulous :iconnightmares06:

What would you like to see next from me? 

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