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Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 4:15 PM
I don't think this really affects or concerns anyone BUT just putting it out there.

Ages and ages ago I posted this lil RP prompt (Hunted Fairy RP Prompt). There were many replies and several RPs kickstarted, but the one that really stuck was with :iconkimstaticchild:. A couple years later we've written enough for three books (probably more tbh)! Kim and I are now in the process of revising the first book, Shot in the Dark, in hopes of e-publishing on Amazon and similar sites.

Starting soon, I'll be putting off my stockpiled Wander short stories for a time and begin to post the revised version of Shot in the Dark. It's come a long way! Stay tuned! 

Gallery Folder for Shot in the Dark artwork and un-revised chapters:…

Elise looked at some of the huge propellers on the shelf for a moment before offering Kaye an encouraging smile. "I'm sure you'll do great. You might even have fun." She had to chuckle faintly at the nervous expression that lingered on Kaye's face.

Kaye chuckled sheepishly and rocked back on her heels. With all the crap she's been dragged through, it was remarkable that the human was still giving comfort to others.

"Thanks, Elise. I appreciate the vote of confidence." Kaye started to shuffled towards the aircraft before turning over her shoulder. "We'll be back soon. Try not to get into any trouble down here." She called over with a wry smile.

Then her back was turned and she was standing back with her hands on her hips as Neburn unlocked the cockpit with a hand fob. The mirrored glass slid up and over, revealing two seats, one behind the other. Neburn wheeled over a ladder and motioned for her to enter first. Kaye got settled in the cockpit, a new sense of purpose driving her heart into a war beat rhythm. It smelled like leather and oil inside, even with the cockpit still open. Neburn stood on the top rung of the ladder and leaned over to point out the controls.

"Now, the theory of flying is a rich and fascinating topic, but I'll make this brief as possible," he began. "This main console here is your autopilot. It will help guide the craft's additional functions, but you'll still need both hands on the Nav Stick..."


Time was of the essence, but they couldn't rush Kaye's instruction. After nearly forty minutes just familiarizing herself with the cockpit, they brought craft above ground to the misty acres behind Neburn's home. The older man sat right behind Kaye with a helmet of his own making on his head and a safety belt strapping him in. Kaye donned the same, along with a nervous clamminess on her skin. She couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of crashing the illegal craft into the ground and ruining their rescue mission before it had even begun.

The engines, even on stealth mode, were overwhelmingly loud and rattled her seat.

"Now, Kaye," Neburn called up in a patient voice. If anything, he was thrilled to be passing his restricted expertise onto a younger mind. "Ease her up into a gentle throttle. The last thing you was to do is jerk the Nav stick too far south."

"Gentle," Kaye repeated, slipping her hands around the Nav stick. "Got it."

Slowly, she pulled back. The thrusters on either side whirred even louder as she urged the craft forward. It was a horribly bumpy acceleration over the blue-speckled grass. An open field didn't make for an ideal runway.

"You need to reach a hundred and one firmas an hour before going airborne." Neburn reminded her, more urgent this time. "We're going to run out of track if you don't speed up!"

With a steely expression, Kaye pulled back further. The turbines whined as their speed advanced. Her heart hammered fiercely. She could see a tree line approaching through the mist. They were only at 70 firmas an hour. He was right, they were running out of room and if they didn't make it they were going to crash, no question about it. She pressed harder, remembering the information Neburn had walked her through before hand. The landscape raced by.

90 firmas now.

"Kaye..." Neburn warned from the backseat. The trees were practically upon them. They could count the branches now. "Kaye!!"

Just as the counter touched 101 firmas, Kaye clenched her teeth and pushed up hard on the Nav stick. The stabilizers cemented, the wheels pulling up into the machine. The trees spun far below as the craft went airborne. Kaye turned left, screaming as the craft made a sharp turn that left her stomach in the past. The destructive power of such a strange sensation refused to leave her alone, but she was determined to master it. After several jerky turns to steady the craft out at a level twenty feet off the ground, they were smoothly soaring in the air. Neburn laughed heartily, and clapped her on the shoulder.

Kaye watched the treetops from above, soaring over the barren branches as she had never seen them before. It was enticing from the very start, making her heart leap to her throat for reasons beyond fear now.

"Is this... Oh my gosh. We're flying." An incredulous grin spread on her face. "We're flying!"


Hours later, Elise and Kaye were preparing for the second flight of the sleek flying machine. This one would be considerably longer than Kaye's brief hours of training with the vehicle, but there wasn't enough time to practice more. They had to get moving. Even so, Elise was encouraged by the fact that Kaye had come back with a huge grin on her face. She was one of the first people to fly on this planet, which was no small achievement.

Elise didn't feel like she was fully prepared for a heist. Compared to Sean's arsenal of gadgets, the single device Elise was bringing along seemed woefully inadequate. But she still clutched the visor like it was a lifeline; in all possibility, it was. She listened absently as Neburn finished briefing Kaye on various safety precautions for the machine.

She was looking forward to seeing the thing in action. Especially after hearing from Kaye just how exhilarating it was. Elise was used to flying; but Kaye's unfiltered enthusiasm made her remember her own first time in the air. Even with all the concerns that came with leaving the ground behind, there was a certain freedom to it as well.

It was more and more obvious how proud Neburn was of his creation as the time came nearer to go. They were waiting until it was darker, so they'd have a little help from the night to conceal their approach. Not that it was strictly needed; the stealth on the thing was top-notch, as the engineer had shown them.

"Alright. We'll find Sean, first, if we can," Elise said aloud, going over the tentative plan to make sure they were all on the same page. "If we can, we'll talk to him and coordinate how we'll get Jared out. Then we'll fly back here; they shouldn't be able to follow." She nodded to herself. That, at least, was a sure thing. They were in the same room as the only flying craft on Tessira built large enough for a Tessiran to follow. The only others were toy-sized.

Elise looked around the hangar as if memorizing its layout. They were taking a huge risk. There was a decent possibility that they'd be caught before succeeding. Even so, she held on to the hope that they'd return, with two more passengers in the sleek plane. And then, they could see to it that Jared would be okay after getting dragged off and enduring whatever heinous interrogations Ambron had cooked up for him.

Kaye stood by with her hair tied up in a strict bun to prevent distracting flyaways during the heist. She nodded, shifting her grip over and over upon the helmet in her arm. This time, it was switched to be held under her right arm now, her fingers drumming on its polished surface restlessly. She'd never done a heist like this before, but there was an element of common sense to these things, regardless of training. Few layers of clothing, for freer movement; her bag would also be left behind in favor of only a few essential tools tucked into her pockets.

"Guess we'll see if Sean lives up to his rep." She mused practically. "You're sure they won't be able to track this thing?"

"The cloaking mechanism would certainly make that a challenge." Neburn answered. "However... While I do take every security precaution legally available here, I suggest you plan for a backup location in case I'm somehow compromised."

Kaye turned to him with a worried frown. Was it really unavoidable to make a sacrifice here? Neburn shook his head with a tight smile. "It's unlikely, I assure you. But should anything go wrong..."

"Better to be prepared." Kaye finally sighed, zooming out on the GPS on her translucent tablet. "New Eris. They're neutral on political matters, aren't they?"

"Indeed they are. Not necessarily a fortress, but a good a choice as any." Neburn answered. "If you don't hear from me in reply later on tonight, don't come back here."

"Yes sir."

Neburn stood back, taking one last look at each of them. "I think that's all I have to offer you ladies for now. It's well past dark, you should get going."

Kaye deliberated, suddenly wrought with pre-danger emotions. She set the helmet down and wrapped her arms around the old man. "I don't think a simply 'thank you' even begins to cover our debt to you." She said, pulling away at last.

Neburn softened tremendously, looking down at his slippers before sending each of them a deeply felt, warm look in turn. "I think you'll find that it does."

With no further formalities, Kaye offered a steady hand to Elise, cupping her close as she took up her position in the cockpit. She slid on the helmet and adjusted the settings for the autopilot system. She felt a little better when the entered coordinates confirmed the forbidden location they were headed for. The hangar opened up to the same ramp from earlier. This time, Kaye used the hangar itself as the runway, the ramp assisting the rampant jump from ground to sky. As the landing gear was withdrawn and their speed climaxed into an airborne jettison, Kaye found her hands steady upon the throttle, making minimal adjustments to stay on course in the darkness.

"I see why you're into this." She remarked with a gleam in her eyes. "What a rush!"


Ambron took pleasure in her accomplishments, and watching Jared's determination and stubbornness break away like sodden crumbs was the best show she could ask for. For the clarity of the procedure he was undergoing, she couldn't play a direct role in his rehabilitation. But she was never far.

Around sunset, she gathered her things to turn in for the night. Jared was fast asleep after a strenuous day of progress, his vitals still beeping steadily on the monitor mounted over his bed. It was with a sense of pride that she turned in for the night. She didn't have the human scum yet, but she soon would one way or another. And then Tessira could return to its uninterrupted peace. Everything would return to the way it had been before.

"Have a pleasant evening, secretary." A deep voice greeted her on her third step out of the observation room.

Ambron turned to see Warren standing guard at Jared's door, his large form practically hiding the door from sight.

"Warren. I don't recall assigning you to a night shift."

"You trust the soldiers here?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Certainly not," Ambron said with a harsh laugh. She paused, giving him a pleased look. "You're too good to me, Warren. I appreciate your efforts."

"I know they're not in vain." He replied with a firm nod. Ambron's eyes shifted briefly to the sliver of light escaping Jared's cell. With a small, affirming smile, she turned for the exit once more leaving Warren in her charge in her absence.

Sean checked the small control device more frequently after the sun began to sink. He'd found a way to the roof of the blocky utility building, and it gave him a decent view of those coming and going at the main building. He knew the security guard duty would be lessened after the building was locked down for the night. Hopefully Kaye and Elise would have the good sense to show up after dark.

Sean caught a glimpse of someone leaving. She was wearing mostly white, her head topped with platinum white hair. His grey eyes narrowed. There goes Ambron, he thought to himself. He watched the main doors for Warren to come lumbering out behind her. He didn't come, and soon Ambron was out of sight in her small pod.

"Dammit," Sean muttered.

Apparently the colossus of a man intended to work a night shift. Sean sighed in frustration. Nothing could come easy, it would seem. He ignored his own exhaustion and edged away, towards the other side of the roof. The plan might need some minor adjustments. Sean hooked his grappler on the side of the roof and lowered himself down towards the narrow sill on the building's single, grimy window. He sat down and reeled in the cable, putting himself just below eye level to a Tessiran. There, he had nothing but time to watch and plan.

Originally, he had wanted to simply lead Kaye to the room where Jared was being held. He could time it so that the security guards wouldn't even see them on their patrol schedule. From there, it was a matter of dragging Jared along down that maintenance tunnel and out through the utility building. Simple.

Leave it to Warren to make the plan more complicated. Much more risky. Sean took inventory of the tools he still had on his belt and frowned. Warren was probably the most ruthlessly diligent giant around. There was no doubt he'd have planted his big feet right in their way.

At least Sean knew a surefire way to get the guy to move.


Elise checked the visor once or twice as Kaye flew. The coordinates stayed in front of them, as did the beacon indicated on the light blue heads-up display. She shifted in her perch on the vehicle's console, her eyes peeled for some indication of their destination.

"Is that a building up there?" she asked softly, pointing. Though she knew there was no way the enemy would hear her, the situation made her speak quietly. As if Ambron herself might look up and shoot them out of the sky just by glaring daggers.

Elise's sense of scale was a little warped by the altitude. She was high above the Tessiran ground, and it almost felt like flying over Earth at night. But, at the same time, the sky and the planet had never seemed larger to her. She wondered if this is what it would look like if Jared visited Earth and she rode around on his shoulder like she did here.

As Kaye angled the vessel to the side, Elise checked the visor once more. The beacon was blinking a little faster now, meaning they must be close. She turned her head to zero in on it. "That square building is it, I think," she announced. It was slightly off from the original coordinates they had gotten; Sean had moved to the safer location to wait, or so it seemed. The larger building imposed starkly on its wild surroundings. It was almost a wonder that it was so well-hidden.

"I see it." Kaye confirmed. "Gonna have to circle back around to it. I think that clearing back there was our best chance of a parking spot. Everything else is way too close for comfort." She glanced over briefly as she groped to the left for the landing gear knob. "You better hang on. I've only landed this thing once before."

"Let's hope Sean is ready," Elise said, glancing back at Kaye.

What appeared as an iridescent burst of air descended from the treetops, the active turbines ruffling the patches of dust amidst the blue grass. The wheels touched down at a high speed, rattling both passengers in their seats. Kaye saw Elise slip out of the corner of her eye and panicked. She shot out one hand to catch her while the other pulled hard on the brakes. The brakes screeched in protest of the quick halt but performed their job efficiently. Breathing heavily, Kaye tore off the helmet and held up Elise to eye level. After eyeing her up for injuries (just dazed, no cuts or bruises, thank the stars), Kaye reached back to switch off the machine. The engines cooled down to a silence that rang in their ears.

"In my defense... Taking off is much less bumpy." Kaye mumbled, unbuckling.

They waited several minutes from the safety of the cockpit for any movement amongst the trees. When no soldiers came rushing out, they were allowed the private satisfaction that they had infiltrated the first level of security out here. Kaye threw a look over her shoulder at the machine. If not for the barely visible gleam of the metal in the dark, she'd never have known it was there.

It was a ten minute walk to the first building Elise had pointed out. Kaye wasn't sure how stealthy she was being. So far, no one had jumped them, but she was not naive to the fact that all the guards here would be highly trained professionals. Evading capture was pivotal. Getting to the building required a small walk out in the open. The area was dimly lit, not wasting light bulbs anywhere where there wasn't a door that required it.

"Weird. They're not even guarding this building." Kaye panted, catching her breath in the shadows of the smaller structure. "Must be like a maintenance shed or something." She tried to peer into the window, but it was too dark inside to make out any distinct shapes. She tried the next window and just about jumped out of her skin when she saw a tiny figure stand up on the window sill. She stifled a sharp gasp and took a few moments to still her racing heart. Death by heart attack suddenly didn't seem so far-fetched.

"Sean?" She whispered incredulously. Happy tears sprang to her eyes, which she tried to blink away. Putting her life on the line bubbled all her emotions to the front burner. Kaye exchanged looks with Elise."Thank the stars you're okay. How'd you know we'd be coming from the East?"

Sean glanced between Kaye's face and the hand that held Elise. He had already known that they must have made it out alive. His locator device never would have gone off otherwise. But it was good to see it for himself. "I didn't," he answered honestly. He may have been relieved to see them, but he wasn't about to throw a party.

Elise smiled at Sean, equally relieved to see him okay. He looked a little worn down, but he was definitely alive and well. He seemed a little dazed himself. "How did you stay hidden for so long? When you took off over those rocks I thought for sure ..."

He couldn't help the smirk that came to his tired face. "That I'd get caught? Sweetheart, that attack squad was a bunch of amateurs. I could have thrown rocks at their shins and still gone unnoticed." That, at least, was something he was fairly confident in. Perhaps it was the novelty of a mission to capture two aliens, but they'd messed up. They gave their position away by attacking Kaye prematurely, which had given Jared the time he needed to thwart their attempt to get to Elise and Sean.

Elise raised her eyebrows, but didn't try to argue with Sean's bold claim. In matters of stealth, he was clearly the expert. She shifted in Kaye's hand to be able to see the man better. It looked almost like the only thing keeping him standing was adrenaline. That was probably true. But, though she wanted to give him a chance to rest, they were definitely far from finished. "Do you have a plan? Is Jared in that other building? Is he okay?"

Sean leaned back slightly and held up his hands to halt the barrage of questions before it overwhelmed him. This is why civilians don't come on missions like this, he thought ruefully. But he'd probably need both Elise and Kaye's help in this venture. He'd never be able to get Jared out by himself at his size. "Jared's in there, yeah," he answered quietly. His gaze slid up to Kaye again. "He's gonna need your help walking out of there," he told her.

Elise put a hand over her mouth, hiding her concerned frown. She just barely managed to bite her cheek to keep from bursting out with more questions. There was so much she wished she could do. But, standing on the sill was someone who had proven that humans could hold their own here. Even if he did look a little worse for the wear.

Sean shrugged preemptively, ready for them to ask what was happening. "I dunno what they're doing to him, but Ambron has been keeping watch over the whole process. She left for the day, but Warren is still here, so we're gonna have to adjust my original plan a bit." He pointed to the side, indicating the north side of the building. "There's a door around that side; I already got it unlocked, Kaye, so you can get in. We should discuss what needs to happen inside." Though he hadn't seen any sign of surveillance outside, Sean would feel a lot better talking with the hum of the air conditioning units to mask their heist plans.
Starcrossed || Thirty-Three
Rescue en-route! :la:


Next: Friday


co-written by :iconpl1:

The streets were bustling and never in his life had he felt so careful, so concerned for what he held. As a young man who'd been in a position of needing to carry and clean off priceless artifacts for much of his own life, he'd learned to keep a steady head and always pay attention. It was surreal how small the girl in his hand was, how gentle her weight was.


"Right on the corner there, you see?" Maurine raised her voice over the wind, tilting her head up towards the giant's face. "The Corked Kettle." She pointed to the newest-looking sign hanging on the corner cafe. She usually got motion sick when riding with Meg's dad or a couple of her giant friends. It was kind of incredible, how calm and collected he managed to be. He didn't even get sweaty palms- a fact she was infinitely grateful for.


"Looks like a lovely joint." He gave her a small smile before heading to the door, bringing Maurine closer to his chest at a slow rate as he used his other hand to get the door. Mentally, he calculated how much money he currently had in his wallet. After all, it would be rude not to pay for her as well as himself. The interior bore a classic meets modern sort of atmosphere with lacey curtains drawn to let the sun in, wooden tables with matching chairs and flowers on each table. The chalkboard menus were decorated and both human and giant staff milled behind the counter.


"I like to come here to think in the morning sometimes. When it's quieter." Maurine eyed the green glass light fixtures overhead. For some reason, they always made her smile. "They let you seat yourself during lunch hours. There's a table over there…" She pointed out, not wanting to seem to forward, but to be fair, she knew this place better. She knelt in his palm, gripping his ring finger for support as she leaned back to see his reaction.


"This seems as good a place as any." Edmund chuckled, eyes drinking in every detail. From the intricacy of the designs on the menu, he figured an artist worked here. The tables were immaculately clean down to the engraved steps on the tabletop. he wagered that was the work of both humans and giants working together. He could smell sweet foods and savoury that made his mouth water but the coffee, such brilliant fragrance, was what caught his senses the most. Edmund felt her cling after her giving her suggestion, something he felt was incredibly endearing, so much so that he felt his cheeks grow a little pink. He let her off on the table top before taking a seat himself. "I must say, very good choice. I would never have seen this place otherwise."


"It's kind of a hole-in-the-wall place." She conceded, walking behind the stacked menus and dragging out a stored single table and spindly rounded chair for herself.

A waiter approached them within a few minutes. "Good afternoon. Can I get you some drinks to start?"


Seeing Maurine's expectant look as a cue to order first, his sat up with one hand on the table and turned to the waiter. "An espresso, please." He smiled then glanced down at his lunchdate.


"Spiced apple cider for me." The human waiter nodded and assured them he would be back to take their order in a jiffy. She gave Edmund an approving once-over. He was like a classy nerd. Best hang tight to this one.

"I like your style." She smiled at him, growing more confident in a familiar setting. She glanced over the menu, but set it down again, not very hungry. "How long did you say you were in town for?"


Edmund noticed the salt and pepper shakers were a little out of symmetry so he shifted them as quietly as he could manage. "Mmn. Indefinitely, at this point. Well, I'd planned two weeks, intially." But things were starting to change to make him want to stick around a little longer.


Her expression lightened considerably. Indefinitely was a good answer. "You live on your own, right? Call your own shots?" She frowned faintly, trying to understand his lifestyle. "Man, that sounds nice…"


"It has its ups and downs, naturally." He conceded then stilled his hands. "I will fully admit to missing my parents fiercely but there is some beauty to independence."

Maurine nodded, understanding. "Well, if you're achieving what you set out to do, it's worth it, right?"


Edmund nodded in agreement and gestured to the sketchbook she was still carrying. "Were you planning on drawing me?" he asked, half joking and half serious.


For a split second, mortification crossed her face in a hot flash. "N-no, of course not. I just always carry a sketchbook with me. Never know when inspiration is going to strike." She gestured more than necessary with her hands, a nervous habit.


A skeptical brow lifted and he leaned his head in his in hand, cheek against palm as he looked down at the human on the table. He could smell coffee. Good lord, she was cute. "Mhmm..."


"What?" She demanded. She pouted and crossed her arms across her chest. It was true! Mostly... 

"Like you know me so well, anyway."

"I wouldn't have to know you to be able to pick out that frantic look on your face. Really now. The rapid gesticulation gave you away completely." He teased but all in good fun. He would make sure to stop in case she disliked his pushing out of respectfullness.


Her jaw dropped slightly, shocked by his forwardness. So few people gave it straight these days… Her lips snapped shut in a newly smug smile. "For your information, I draw lots of people, so don't go jumping to conclusions, buddy." She felt like it was a solid recovery.


"So you were going to draw me like you drew all of the other people you have in the past?" He smiled innocently, leaning in a little bit closer with quirked lips.


She blinked rapidly, struggling to maintain the upper hand in this conversation. It was hard to think when he was so much… so close! She traced the contour of his face with her eyes, the strong line of his nose, that subtle curve of his lips… "Does it matter?"


He folded his arms beneath him on the table top after sweep a curl from his brow that had strayed a tad too low for his tastes.

"Just curious. And if I am to be honest..." he tipped his head to the side a bit, flexing and relaxing an anxious hand "...I would love to see your skills."


Maurine swallowed. She tried to look away but it was nearly impossible to avoid his gaze. Every detail of his icy iris compositon was viewable to her. How utterly beautiful and fascinating it would be to record observations of him. She watched his hand flex, an itch in the back of her mind rearing up again. She wanted to draw him. Very, very much.


"One espresso and a spiced cider?" A giant waiter from the kitchen brought out their drinks. The distraction was a momentary relief from being the center of attention. Maurine stirred her drink thoughtfully. Too hot to drink yet.

"Fine!" She threw her hands up in defeat, scowling a little at that smug smile he wore. "You better hold still."


Once his drink had been set down on the tabletop, Edmund wore something like muted triumph and exhileration in his eyes. He figured he could let his coffee cool down a bit whilst being sketched.

"As the lady demands." He smiled then held still, ensuring the angle in which she drew would not be anything too...unattractive.

"Talking is moving!" She countered. But she was smiling now, enjoying this opportunity as much as he was probably. Maybe more so. She grumbled to herself when she messed up, roughly turning pages. FInally, she got into a flow. Her drink sat forgotten on the tabletop as she guided the charcoal across the page, transferring his likeness to paper.


Though his inquisitive nature repeatedly bid him to wish to look at what Maurine was doing, he kept himself as still as he could by sheer concentrated effort. Edmund would blink periodically, eyes unable to be kept entirely still. When she'd glance up, hand swiping across the page with charcoal to observe him, he'd keep his eyes still and locked downward on her. She'd notice if he was moving at all.

Maurine's eyes were focused, unreadable. He had handed her the perfect opportunnity openly admire him, and she wasn't leaving empty-handed. He had been right; she wasn't drawing him like she usually drew people. There was a concentrated obsession in her pencil strokes, the need to convey his countenance as accurately as possible. It was difficult to downsize the giant's face from twice her height to a handful of human inches. But she managed. 

"Good enough." She suddenly set the pad down in a huff and took a swig of her drink. "Ugh! It's cold!"


Edmund made a small show of moving his neck and jaw along with rolling his shoulders. Even if he was genuinely stiff from having to sit stalk still so long, he figured he'd play it off as something mildly humorous. When he went to pick up his coffee, he took an experimental sip, slowly lower the cup with his lips pursed in disdain "...Cold coffee." he shuddered a bit then set his cup down. His eyes were eager and his hands were just as much to find a magnifying glass.


"Time flies, I guess. " She shrugged and leaned back, watching him stretch with fascination. It was a tough contest- who was more intrigued by the other. "We can ask them to heat it up when he comes back." She rubbed her drawing wrist and eyed his flexing fingers knowingly. "You can take a peek if you want, but I doubt you can even see something that small."


"I can always try, hm?" Edmund gave a quick wink before holding out his hand to receive the sketchbook, eyes betraying a distinct eagerness. Certainly seeing every detail would be out of the question but he wanted something to tide him over for now.


She laughed dubiously, sliding the open sketchbook into the center of the massive palm. "Be my guest." As silly as the sketchbook looked in the and of a giant, Edmund looked even sillier trying to see it clearly. She sat back, secretly holding her breath for his reaction.


With his eyes squinted, he continuously moved the sketchbook back and forward, holding it as delicately as he could in between a finger and thumb. His tongue wound up darting out, the tip remaining sticking out the side as his fierce concentration and prevented him from retracting it. At last, he got a decent look and even though it was small, he could pick out major details. "From what I can see, it's entirely excellent. You are incredibly talented."


Maurine could barely get out a "Thank you" in between her body-shaking laughter. "Your face…!" she giggled, winding down. "I'm not even apologizing. You looked ridiculous."


Edmund blushed a little bit and cleared his throat, promptly returning her sketchbook to her "..Well, I will admit that I probably did." His voice betrayed a bit of embarrassment.


She took the sketchbook from him and quickly put her hands back on his. She wasn't quick enough before he started to pull away, so she ended up with her hands half onhis middle finger, yanked part way out of her seat. "Ahem…" She gave him a yank, more of a request to keep his hand down so she could finish. "I was just going to say it was kinda cute." She drummed her fingers on the pad of his fingertip, looking up at him.


The fact that she was touching his hand was one thing but to yank like that? Edmund swallowed hard and kept his hand still, eyes finding her attentively. Once she'd said the word 'cute', his fate was sealed. His cheeks were colourful. His mouth opened then closed again and he settled for a relaxed smile.


She was making him blush? this was unreal. How someone so gargantuan could manage to be cute was a subtle art, and bot something most giants could pull off, in her opinion. She released his hand promptly when the waiter came back. He gave them an odd look for letting two untouched cups turn completely cold, but went to warm them up. 


"So... You definitely owe me one." She brushed charcoal dust off her pants.


Edmund was slow to retract his hand, figuring he'd entirely lost the little charisma he'd had in the first place. Maurine seemed content so he chose not to be too self concious. He smiled a bit down at her and kept his hand rested nearby.

"And what would you have in mind for what I'd owe you, Maurine?"

She fixed her gaze on his hand instead. She liked the way her name sounded on his tongue. "Maybe... You could take me out for coffee again sometimes. I'm not a walking charity after all. You just got yourself a free portrait."


"Hm." He hummed and leaned down closer to her, a smile so innocent it was mischevious on his lips "I do believe that could be arranged." Edmund's voice melted the air.


Goosebumps prickled her forearms. Her gaze was forcibly pulled forward, entranced by the  very air around him. The distance was less between them now. In fact, if not for this wretched table between them, she could step forward and touch his chin. 


"G-good." She tried a smirk, but it probably came out as the flustered girl she was.


A giant waiter came out with each of their drinks and set them down, being especially careful with Maurine's. Edmund gave the waiter a kind smile then lifted his cup to his lips, blowing on his coffee gently before taking a sip of the bracingly strong brew.


"Mmm.." She sighed happily into her mug, the steaming hot cider warming her from the inside out. Her tongue would be a little burnt tomorrow, but it was so tasty, she could hardly care now. Edmund's cup looked like a huge bucketful, at least until he picked it up.


"Not quite like Italian coffee but good none the less." he set his cup down on the table top and closed his lips, licking away flavour from his teeth. He looked over the artist a moment and smiled softly. "Do you go to school around here or are you a working artist already?"


She snorted. "I wish I was a working artist. I'm ready to kick school to the curb the moment I'm good enough to quit." Maurine took a another sip and thought of something further. She tilted her head back to Edmund. For sometime now, she had hardly noticed anything else but him.


"Not a school fan, then. Quite a bit like myself, though many seem flabbergasted by the notion." Edmund chuckled, intelligence and wisdom beyond his young years in his expression. He took another drink of coffee, a little more now that it had cooled down a satisfactory amount then set the cup down "I find one can learn much more efficiently on their own, provided they have to drive."


He seemed so much more mature than the other boys her age... Maurine's eyes widened when he lowered his mug and she saw how many gallons he must have guzzled to nearly empty it. Politely, she averted her gaze shortly after.  "I feel the same way! They're killing me, sitting In a cramped room with a bunch of morons who can't spell to save their life." Her frustrated sigh melted into a slightly sheepish smile. She hadn't meant to be so loud,


"Institutionalized education always did sound dreaful." He grimaced and inched his hand forward, noting a bit of hair loose from her small tirade which he took painstaking delicacy in shifting off of her face. "You seem more the type who'd benefit from home schooling or independant learning."


Her eyelids fluttered shut, her rear anchored to her seat despite the overwhelming awareness of massive appendage before her. She felt the gentle touch of a giant, for the first time not in a friendly or paternal sort of way, but she was pretty sure... Edmund was flirting with her. "Yeah." She replied breathlessly.

Experimentally, Edmund trailed his fingertip down from her head across her jaw, covering more ground than intended, slipping down her shoulder then the thin bird-like appendage of her arm. He stopped over her hand, eyes searching her for a moment.


She swallowed heavily, her head was spinning. Was this really happening? Her body lit up like wildfire where foreign touch had inspired. She opened her eyes: his big blue eyes were fixed right on her. She felt honored, to be looked at like that. She breathed through her mouth, vulnerable in that she was unable to hide how unused she was to physical affection of any kind. "You, uhm, always do this on coffee dates?" She laughed nervously, continually glancing at the giant's hand curled before her. The notion of being surrounded by such careful, studious hands was more appealing by the minute.


"Special circumstances." He rationalized in a murmur before slowly retracting his hand entirely. Something of an idea came to mind. He could still feel that smooth skin on his fingertips "Would you be opposed to going somewhere else after this? Unless you have prior plans, of course." He hoped she was free.


"It's saturday." She shrugged, not wanting to seem TOO eager to jump back into his grasp. "I was going to draw on the river bank… Where did you have in mind?"


He'd been about to suggest the museum but he thought twice upon hearing her idea."I'm actually more sold on your idea." Edmund chuckled and picked up his cup draining the rest in one long shot.


"Really?" She took a long gulp of her cider, enough that she'd be finished by the time the check came around. "Allright then. Hope you don't mind being my ride."


"On the contrary." He smiled then caught his eagerness and felt his cheeks warm a tad bit, covering his tracks with a chuckle "I wouldn't feel right allowing you to walk when I can cover so much more ground."


"Uh-huh… Well how very kind of you." She drawled, giving him a knowing look before draining more of her drink. He was a guy after all, she knew what they liked. Inisisting to pay for her drink was a lost cause, but she managed to coax him into letting her do something in return. They were going to get lost in this web of favors. "Allright, pick me up. Let's get out of here." She scooted out of her chair and rocked back on her heels with her sketchbook clasped to her chest.


Good lord, she looked far too cute rocking like that for her own good. Edmund extended his hand and slowly curled his fingers around her body, even more mindful of how small she was now then even before. He could feel the entirety of her body pressed against his hand and he had to swallow to clear his head of...unsavoury thoughts. Opening a palm, he considered transferring her there but lifted her up in front of his face first.

"Palm or shoulder?"


"..Shoulder." She decided after a minute of debate. Though she was perfectly comfortable on his palm, the spot so close to him was tempting. "Let's try something new!"


Edmund nodded respectfully then lifted her up to the spot on his person in question "Shoulder it is. Make sure you're comfortable."


Maurine half-crawled off his palm, clinging to the tip of his pinkie finger until she had a good grip on his collar instead. She wasn't afraid of heights. She was just… cautious. The pattern of his sweater-vest became the ground beneath her feet. She could only see the profile of his face, more or less, but the proximity made up for that.

"Ready when you are." She hummed.


Turning his head as much as he could without significantly disrupting Maurine's situated form, he gave her a smile then turned his eyes ahead. "Hold on." He warned more as a joke but an actual precaution. Edmund would be careful with her regardless. He rose from his chair, keeping his torso straight for the young woman on his shoulder then headed out onto the street once the bill was paid. "Tell me where you want to go.”


Hold on. He didn't have to tell her twice. Her knuckles were white, clutching until it hurt. The ground was so far away…

"J-just keep going straight, out of the gates, and I'll tell you where to turn from there." His every step was a rising and fallling motion, rotation of his shoulder within the socket. She felt everything. She felt like she was going to fall. Maurine faced his neck, sorely tempted to climbed inbetweeen in collar for added security.


When slowing his step didn't seem to help the obvious tension emanating in waves off of his passenger, Edmund halted entirely and lifted his opposite hand, taking her arm and rubbing it comfortingly in between a finger and thumb.

"Would you feel safer in my hand again?" He inquired; Edmund figured this was trail and error and being as careful as he could be helped.


Maurine's face crumpled in embarrassment. She couldn't even last ten minutes on his shoulder. "I- uhm… If it's not too much trouble."


"It's alright, Maurine." Edmund reassured, carefully transferring her to his hand, cupping another beneath for extra measure. He lifted her up in front of his face "Alright now?"

"Yeah…" She gave him a tight smile, but looked stonily at the pattern of his palm. She sighed, almost wishing she had just walked on her own. At least she would have been saved this embarrassment.

Maurine and Edmund Interlude 2
Set in the post-Wander universe. We originally had this tied in with the Adrian vs. the Boyfriends short story, but it really took on a life of its own. Maurine is a good friend of Megumi's, one that we met briefly in the beginning of the aforementioned short story. And now she's getting a giant crush she never asked for!

After cleaning the dirt and grime off, Elise felt a little clearer in her head. Her determination remained, but her mad urgency was replaced by patience. Neburn was right; she couldn't just rush into something like this. She sat on her knees on one of the workbenches in the man's secret room. He had opted to set up the ship and take a look at it. Elise could tell that he really wanted to continue work on the thing, though he tactfully didn't act too excited at the prospect.

The visor turned over and over in her hands as she observed it. There was a faint dial on one side, which she discovered was used to flip through some of the dormant menus on the display. She hoped she wouldn't run down the battery before she figured out how to find Sean with it. He hadn't even told her how.

Elise rubbed her eyes wearily. She was tired, but she had opted to wait until she made some progress before letting herself sleep. She released a frustrated sigh and set the device down. "I keep wondering what Sean was even here for," she said aloud. "I never did get to find out more about his secret spy-mission or whatever." Whatever it was must have been a huge deal for Ambron to be gunning for them so severely.

"Spies are not generally known for their sharing personalities." Doctor Neburn replied from his corner. He delicately pulled out the cracked windshield from Elise's ship and set it aside with a pair of thin metal prongs. He scooted out on his stool to pull out a small hose, screwing on a suction attachment.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Sean was assigned to Tessira for reconnaissance." He mentioned offhand. He scooted back up to her ship, switching on the suction tube and pushing it through the gap where the windshield used to be. Ash and broken glass dust were vacuumed up through the narrow tip, tidying up the reconstructed interior.

Elise nodded, unable to argue with Neburn's words. Still, she had no idea what could drive the Allied Planets to such measures. She had never once heard of anything on this planet beyond the fact that it was "not suitable for human life". Designations like that were usually meant for planets with toxic atmospheres or no atmosphere at all. Who knew that this time it actually meant "paranoid government does not like humans"?

"Whatever he was looking for, it sure seems strange that he got punished as badly as he did," Elise answered, her brow furrowing. But for Jared's protection, Elise would most likely be sharing Sean's experience right now. "I know he had weapons when he got here, but we're so ..." Elise still had difficulties pointing out her disadvantage out loud. "Well, I wouldn't think we could be that threatening," she clarified.

Elise thought about how nervous Kaye had been their first few hours on the run together. And, even before that, Jared had been so hesitant when carrying someone so small for the first time. The memories clashed with the way Warren had grabbed her so roughly, and the way the Secretary talked down to her. What did they know that civilians didn't? "What would Sean have been looking for?" she mused aloud, picking up the headpiece again and looking at it pensively.

"If it were me," Neburn said, switching off the suction and peering inside with a small penlight to see if he missed a spot. "I'd be looking to investigate the infrastructure since their last contact. Probably searching for some sort of weak link they could use to their advantage."

He glanced over briefly at his small guest. "No offense, miss Elise, but humans have never had a reputation of keeping their distance."

Elise felt a faint, sheepish smile creeping onto her face. Neburn's assessment was quite accurate, when she really thought about it. Even Elise herself had been determined from an early age to travel as far and see as much as she could. That inherent curiosity combined with efficient industrialism to create a pervasive presence. The Allied Planets was a very far-reaching government. It had been foolish to assume it wouldn't use underhanded tactics to expand that influence.

Still, no matter what Sean had been sent for, he didn't deserve what had happened. Imprisonment made sense, but forcing him into an explosive collar? Elise couldn't think of a single good reason to do that to someone. Sean, at least, would likely keep a very healthy distance from Tessira if they managed an escape.

"You're right," she admitted after a while. "I guess this isn't the first or the last time that will cause trouble." Elise felt her fair share of guilt despite the fact that her landing had truly been an accident. She'd dropped in and had probably rattled up old conflict just by being here. And now she had influenced citizens to commit treason. Elise could almost understand the suspicion.

"I just wish it were possible to find out what happened after first contact. I'm sure some kind of reconciliation is possible. At the very least I don't want someone else to land here and get thrown in jail for a mistake." She lifted the visor to her face, slipping it over her eyes with a sigh. As she fiddled absently with the settings, barely seeing the grayscaled room around her, she added "I can't help but wonder why my government wasn't more adamant about keeping people away from here. If I had known better, I would have handled everything so differently." She smiled at the memory of her first minutes here, seeing Jared and Kaye for the first time. "I truly thought that I was making the very first contact."

Neburn nodded distractedly, listening without glancing away from his meticulous work on the tiny spacecraft.

"Judging by your friends’ reaction, I'd wager they thought the same." He said, wheedling a tiny wire back into place amongst its brothers in the main river of circuitry. "Can't blame them, of course. The tales of talking to the stars are far behind us, not even bedtime stories for children. 'Cept for the Irmirians. That was a nasty lot of parasites that kept hijacking rides on local comets. Only thing you'd hear outta their mouth was 'KOMOZA, KOMOZA', over and over again. Nasty things. But humans... Your people are a long forgotten secret here,"

Neburn paused for a long while until he received a pleasant spark from the purple, hair-thin wire snapping into place. He leaned back and mopped his brow with his sleeve, picking up on his train of thought as if he had never stopped.

"You know... If I didn't know any better, it sounds like your Allied Planets miss us. Sure didn't exactly put up a roadblock around Tessira." He chuckled, finally looking over at Elise for the first time in an hour. She didn't seem to see him from under the little visor. Once again, a look of intrigue crossed his weathered face. "You find any leads on that little mechanism yet?"

Elise kept scrolling through the various inactive or locked functions as Neburn spoke. She couldn't really picture the creatures he'd described, but she was genuinely glad that she hadn't been lumped into the same category. Somehow she guessed that her reception would have been even worse.

She shook her head once in response to his question. She looked up at him, blinking a few times when the screen had to adjust to the overhead lights. The device made everything seem flat gray, and it reduced shadows. It definitely seemed like it'd be more effective in the dark. She hadn't figured out if she could turn off the night-vision.

"Well, I may have something," she said aloud. It took a few tries, but she managed to pull up a menu that projected in the center of her vision. "It has a lot of functions but it says 'requires control module' by most of them." She sighed, wondering why Sean would leave her with these computer-goggles without any instructions or controls. Unless ....

"Wait," she murmured. Lost Control Module was blinking demurely at the very bottom corner of the screen in tiny blue text. "I think I found something," she announced in a louder voice, fumbling with the dial to select the option. Sean can probably do this in seconds, she thought ruefully. A very simple message box overtook the screen, and Elise grinned. Activate control module positioning failsafe? displayed proudly in her eyes, its brightness almost making her squint. She slipped the device off so she could look at Neburn directly.

"I found an option to locate the control module. Sean must have taken it with him to be a beacon on his location!" She got to her feet, unable to stop the relieved smile from falling upon her face. "Now we can find where he went!"


Sean was startled out of his light sleep by a faint buzz in one of his belt pouches. He retrieved the palm-sized, touch-screen device from its case and smirked faintly at the green light blinking in the corner. He switched off the buzzing notification, so he could remain quiet in the vent and so he could get a few more moments of rest. Now that he knew Elise had gotten out okay, he could look forward to busting out of this place.

Attagirl, sweetheart, he thought.


It was early the next morning when Neburn, Kaye and Elise next gathered to discuss the revelation of Sean's location. A bowl of green Ebii fruit slices and porridge with drizzled butter lay half eaten before Kaye and Elise, while Doctor Neburn opted for a more simple version of the meal.

"Wait, slow down." Kaye waved her hand in the air, willing herself to wake up faster. "So Sean has the other half of this little device... But you said the coordinates it gave doesn't show up on a map?"

"The coordinates exist, Kaye. Seven firmas from here, or fifteen miles." He added the Earth unit with a nod to Elise, modestly displaying his knowledge of West Space culture. "However, it appears to be a point somewhere in the middle of the wilderness."

He unfolded a glass tablet and propped it up with a built in stand in the table. A few quick swipes brought up a map, the coordinates already saved. In a vast field of greenery, a red dot was blinking. Kaye glanced at Elise to make sure this information was accurate.

"That doesn't matter." Kaye said immediately, confident that Elise had her back on this matter. "Those coordinates could be in the middle of the ocean and we'd be headed there today." She clicked her tongue, shaking her head. "Gonna be one hell of a walk."

Neburn smiled smugly. "I wouldn't recommend walking." When the two women looked up at him expectantly, he added, "What? You don't think I got forced out of my post without getting something done, do you?"

Elise sat up straighter to regard the engineer. She started to recall what Kaye had told her about the man before they ever visited him the first time. Is he talking about some kind of jetpack? If he was really implying what she thought he was implying, they'd be able to get to their destination with speed. Elise had no doubt that, with how quickly Neburn had repaired her ship's boosters, he'd be able to create something on a larger scale.

"What did you have in mind, Doctor?" she asked, sharing a curious glance with Kaye. He really looked quite proud of himself, so it was likely that he was eager to show off his idea. Since he'd been forced out of his job for it, Elise had the feeling that Neburn didn't often get to show off his hobby.

No matter what he came up with, it would definitely be better than walking. Even if they walked there safely, getting away again with Jared and Sean in tow would be very difficult by themselves. Even if they managed to get them out undetected, it was impossible to know what state they'd be in. Though it brought a faintly sour feeling to her stomach, Elise knew that Jared may not be able to walk out by his own strength.

"However we get there, I'm hoping Sean can meet us and tell us the rest of his plan," Elise added. She wouldn't know the first thing about breaking a prisoner out of something like this. But, at this point it was very clear that Sean knew what he was doing.

Kaye hummed her hearty agreement through another mouthful of porridge and fruit. "Yeah, I'm counting on that. Not a fan of running in blind."

Neburn smiled, still privately pleased that he was sharing breakfast with an alien. "I find that in such pressing times, it never hurts to have a little air superiority."

After they had all eaten their fill, Neburn led them back down to his private laboratory on the basement level. Kaye thought she had seen the extent of the secret room by this point, but to her surprise, there were still more to be discovered. Neburn leaned in close to a tiny glass panel. It lit up blue from behind, scanning his retina before allowing him passage. The older man winced as the door slid open, rubbing his eye and blinking the flash away.

"Should've opted for a palm scanner instead." He muttered. He groped for a flat switch on the wall, revealing a small hangar big enough to hold just one vessel. The craft that sat in the middle of the floor was clearly meant to be airborne. It had a small, personal cockpit covered by mirrored glass and a sleek, polished profile.

"Uhhh Doctor Neburn... What exactly are we looking at here?" Kaye asked, giving it a walk around with her arms crossed.

"It's one of a kind." Neburn declared proudly, running a hand along the sleek finish. “It was built as a scouting vehicle. Barely even got funding for it on those grounds... Runs like a charm. Never got a chance to really go out in the field before they shut me down."

Kaye's smile became increasingly apprehensive, feeling further embarrassed because she was the only one in the room who hadn't a clue about flying things at all.

"You want me to fly this?" She swirled on Neburn, shaking her head wildly. "Professor, I can't even keep my balance on a kid's hoverboard. Can't you do it?"

Neburn gave the vessel a long look before shaking his head. "It's only built for two people. You're going to need that extra seat to get Jared out of there."

Kaye bit her lip, knowing he was right. Her brown eyes flitted to the side, towards where Elise was perched on her shoulder. "I really wish you were a little bit bigger right about now." She said, weakly teasing.

Elise had an iron grip on Kaye's shirt, and almost missed her remark. After the abrupt turn, she wanted to make sure she wouldn't slide right off of Kaye's shoulder to tumble to the floor so far below. But she turned a faint smile towards Kaye's nervous one anyway.

"Don't worry ... I'll be right there to help you fly it," she answered. At least, she figured she would probably be able to help. The fact that the vessel was not field tested was a little bit unnerving, but Elise would never say that out loud to Kaye. It was still their very best option. Not only would it move quickly, it would probably be impossible for Ambron to follow.

"It's an amazing vessel, Neburn," Elise added, taking the time to appreciate the flying vehicle. It was sleek but powerful-looking, much like a lot of the technology this planet already displayed. Looking at it, it was more obvious than ever that the only reason Tessirans didn't travel far beyond their own planet was by choice. If it were allowed, they would undoubtedly have the most advanced fleet for several galaxies around in a matter of years.

Despite the urgency, Elise could see that Kaye's trepidation wasn't going to go away so easily. She glanced over at Neburn, and finally settled her gaze back on the cockpit. "Maybe we should try a little test drive with Neburn in the backseat. Just to make sure you're solid on the controls," she suggested.

Very few people did things exactly right on their first flight. They couldn't afford the ride out there to be Kaye's first time operating the thing, especially when her people had no precedent for her to use as guidance.

"It would be prudent to run through the controls beforehand. There's a cloaking mechanism that will keep it off the radar, and just about two square firmas of practice ground behind my home here." Neburn said. He looked over to Elise thoughtfully, adding, "Though perhaps it's best you stayed behind, miss Elise. Wouldn't want you to get rough treatment unnecessarily."

"Probably a good idea."  Kaye concurred. She reached up a hand, gingerly closing around Elise's waist and lifting her easily down to be cupped between two hands again. Her pulse was quick and anxious under her passenger. Neburn motioned towards a shelf containing an array of different sized propellers along the far wall, and Kaye headed over to give Elise a solid place to wait.

"You should have seen Jared. He was like, a professional human handler." Kaye told Neburn, sounding a little envious. "He did so great with Elise. Even Sean, when the little guy would let him. Don't you think?" Her warm look found Elise, looking for her input.

Elise smiled back, nodding once. "Yes, he's quite gentle," she agreed. "But that doesn't mean you're not, Kaye," she assured her. True, Kaye was much more hesitant about handling her than Jared had ever been. But she hadn't ever held Elise too tight or made her feel like she was going to fall from her grasp. "Jared has just had the most practice out of any Tessiran, that's all."

Except, perhaps, whatever scientist was in charge of studying Sean. There had to be a very good reason that the other human really didn't like to be held. All the more reason to go to find him, to get him and Jared out of harm's way.

Elise dismounted onto the shelf, careful to avoid the edge, when Kaye bridged her hands up to it. "Really, you all do a good job," Elise remarked. She didn't think she could express how grateful she was that Jared, Kaye, and Neburn put effort into being careful. Any move they made could be devastating, but even when Jared had had to whisk her out of danger in the past, he had been mindful. She still remembered how quickly he'd pulled her away when they thought the bomb on Sean's neck would go off.

The sooner they got him back, the sooner Elise could hear his comforting heartbeat again.


By the second day, Jared didn't even look at the screen anymore. He didn't want to see that face because it only brought more excruciating pain with every glimpse. With his eyes squeezed shut and his teeth grinding into the rubber mouth guard, he rode out the last legs of the voltage.

The pain subsided, and his mind was left blessedly blank again. He embraced the quiet blackness, the relief of stillness in the air as he caught his breath in shallow gasps. A cold sweat beaded his hair and skin alike. A cool hand grabbed the little overhang of his mouth guard, and he let the person take it out. He heard them set it down next to a duplicate he knew was there on a nearby tray.

"Jared." A female voice came by his bedside, empty of emotion. It interrupted the quiet blanket of blackness, and "What did you do with the humans?"

"I... I didn't." Jared rasped deliriously. "Didn't do anything."

The screen was still humming. That stupid picture was still up and running, staring at him relentlessly.

"Turn it off," he muttered.

"Jared. I must repeat the question. Where-"

"Turn it OFF!" He shouted hoarsely, the bed rattling as he finally opened his eyes to glare at her fiercely. Desperate tears brimmed. "Turn it off, NOW! Turn it off!"

The woman calmly stood and stepped outside the cell, pressing an option on a translucent tablet mounted right outside the door.

"Patient is ready for Phase Two of treatment plan."

Phase two? Sean thought with a frown. He watched the scientist from a vent near the floor on the opposite side of the hallway. It was about as close as he could get to the room where Jared was being tortured without stepping out in the open. And, since Warren still seemed to hang around the building a lot to keep watch, Sean was not going to do that alone. He sympathized with Jared's situation, but he wasn't reckless.

At least, not reckless enough to throw all of his chances away just to see what was being done to the man.

The control module for his headpiece remained in its case on his belt. But he knew that if he looked at it, it would still be blinking in green, thanks to the positioning failsafe. Once Elise got closer, he'd be able to meet up with them somewhere outside. With one final glance out the vent, Sean stalked away. What are they doing to him in there?

The spy made his way towards where the ventilation units were all housed. A smaller building stood close by without crowding out the shiny government facility. It had to be older, judging by the fact that more steel than glass went into its structure. The thing had one door to the outside world, but it also had maintenance tunnels connecting it to the main building. It would be the best exit strategy, especially considering Jared would likely be unable to run full tilt on his own.

"Sometimes I hate owing people favors," Sean muttered to himself as he trekked through the underground air shafts, ready to wait for the others to arrive and set his plan in motion.

Starcrossed || Thirty-Two

Next: Friday


Co-Written by :iconpl1:
Mother Knows Best by Obsess-Confess
Mother Knows Best
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