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Kaye slept deeply, her breathing not faltering once even as the bed sank under a new weight. Jared could smell the plum-tinted aftertaste of the sleeping aid he'd introduced to her Notiq. She wouldn't feel a thing.

He pulled her left arm out from under the patterned comforter. With his own wristband communicator missing, he was forced to hijack someone else's. He turned on the public access panel, his determined expression aglow by the pale blue projection. With nimble fingers, he navigated the maze of options, finally pulling up the public profile for the national Secretary of Communications.

His finger hesitated only a moment over the Direct Message square for only a moment.

"I have two extra-terrestrials captive in the outskirts of Orsno City. I'm under the impression you'll be able to get rid of them, understanding the gravity of their intrusion."

After a beat of quiet, Jared ended the transmission. With a sigh of satisfaction, He tucked her arm back under the covers and got to his feet. If everything they had told him about this woman was true, she could be trusted with the humans' fate. All that could be done now was to wait.

The humans went quiet when the door to their room opened. Hope drained out of the air when Jared strolled in with the same expressionless face, sealing the door behind him once again. He came up close, peering inside the glass to make sure they were still in there. Satisfied, he took a seat on a stack of creates adjacent.

Sean and Elise both backed up, intimidated by Jared's cold stare, when he leaned in close to observe them. Elise stood shell-shocked, wondering what he had done when he left the room. She had definitely heard his voice, however distantly. Sean had insisted he was up to something. Elise wanted to say she didn't believe him, but the way Jared's hazel eyes had regarded her didn't offer much encouragement. It was like every single step of progress had been wiped clean from his mind.

Sean breathed heavily, finally recovering from Jared's frigid reentry. He stalked up to the wall of glass closest to the giant, his hands balled into fists. "What's your angle, huh? What were you doing?" Getting no response just frustrated him even further and Sean yelled in frustration, despite the dull ache forming in his ribs.

His conditioning as a spy made Sean jump to the worst conclusion. Betrayal. "Is this what you were brainwashed to do? Have you just been waiting for the right time to turn us in?" This time, he thought he saw Jared's gaze shift for the smallest fraction of a second. A reaction that normally wouldn't be worth time or attention considering.

But Sean's eyes widened as he realized the unspoken answer.

Elise shook her head. She walked over to Sean, touching his shoulder and looking at his face. "That's not it," she insisted, though she didn't sound like she believed herself. "That can't be it..." Sean's stare had become distant, and she knew he was thinking of somewhere else. He was back in that accursed science lab, reliving the horrifying things he'd been through.

Sean's voice was hollow when he spoke again. "We should have locked him up from day one," he muttered. His legs were weak. Sean stumbled backwards until he was leaning against the far wall of their glass entrapment, sinking to sit down. He drew his knees up close and brushed both shaky hands through his hair. "They're gonna ..." He clenched his jaw and released a shaky, frustrated sigh. This is what hell is like. Give me a glimpse of home and then smash it right in front of me. God. Elise, I'm so sorry.

Seeing her fellow human surrender to despair made tears spring to Elise's eyes. Her own breathing became irregular. Her hands shook. She looked up at the clear glass walls of their prison, noting that it was slightly more distorted than the last time she'd been trapped behind glass. She felt a sudden tightness in her chest, a burning pain, to think that this time it was Jared who had put her there.

She turned towards the stoic Tessiran, her knees buckling beneath the crushing weight of disappointment and fear. "Jared ... please. It isn't true, is it?" She pressed her hands against the damp glass, searching his face for some sign.

Jared blanched, bucking back a bit as Elise pressed herself against the inside of the glass. Every pained look he'd ever spared her way since waking up at Neburn's collided in one splitting pain to the back of his head. Gasping sharply, Jared gripped the edge of his crate, leaning away from Elise. But not amount of distance was able to prevent the images flooding his mind. Fractured memories flickered into reality, morphing the scene before his eyes.

Elise behind a glass in a different room, desperate to be seen. Alone. Calling his name.

Jared!, her voice clamored relentlessly in his head.

"Elise..." He snapped in a pained voice, shying away from the stabbing pain in his head. "S-stop it."

Elise didn't know what the look on his face meant. It looked like a thousand thoughts were fighting for attention. There was so much pain in his eyes. Elise couldn't let herself believe that his conditioning had won. Somewhere in that cacophony of thoughts, the real Jared was trying to make sense of everything.

"Please, Jared," she begged, some tears racing down her pale cheeks. "This isn't you. It's not you. You wouldn't do this." She sobbed, wishing she could see more than just confusion and pain on the giant face in front of her.

She missed that look he'd always had only for her.

This was the man who had saved her from a life in captivity. Who had gone on the run, fought a rikandi, assaulted a man, and executed a heist, risking his life every time. "I know you don't remember, but I do. This isn't right. You held me gently and you kept me close when I cried and ... and you kissed me and it felt like everything else fell away." Elise ducked her head and clamped her hand over her mouth as more tears came. Saying it out loud like that, considering the current circumstances, hurt.

"You ... you said we would hold the sun in the sky together, and that's when I started to love you," she finished quietly, her shoulders drooping. Elise leaned her head against the glass, dark eyelashes curtaining her sorrowful green eyes.

Memories flashed through his mind's eye, the stream unstoppable now: A light streaking down across the sky. A thin trail of smoke sifting over a field of blue grass. Elise behind a vase so similarly to how she was now, begging for him to notice her. To save her.

"I heard it at the Moons Featival," she had said.

Despite the devastated expression she wore now, Jared could suddenly see Elise lit up by a dozen gyrating colors in the glow of five full moons- her lips parted as if awaiting a kiss.

Then he was suddenly strapped to a table. A woman in white repeating the same interrogation hour after hour without mercy. The putrid taste of rubber in his mouth while electricity fried him alive. Strenuous conditioning had gotten him to deny any involvement in the Human conspiracy.

But he had done something. A lot of somethings, in fact.

Jared sat there, breathing in shallow bursts as the pain finally ebbed. It felt like a dam had burst, the warring emotions finally come to an end. He looked around him with a new understanding. Though nothing had changed, it felt like he was wide awake for the first time in days. Like he had been sleepwalking all this time. he truth was at last was intact and unobstructed, and his eyes widened as each split-second memory revealed more. Sean. Kaye. Everything.

Then the horror set in.

"No," he rasped. With slightly shaking hands, Jared removed the pitcher. It dropped from his hands with a dull clunk, his eyes unwavering on the tiny woman beside him. The humans hardly had a moment to reorient themselves before there was a flash of skin, and Jared had Elise grasped gingerly between two hands.

He had never really equated the meaning of heartache to be a physical sensation. But as he beheld Elise's beautiful face, fresh tear trails accenting the question in her eyes, his heart broke. She looked like she wasn't sure whether he was going to kiss her or kill her on the spot. And in that moment, Jared felt like an active cancer was gnawing away at his heart, the ache was so great.

He hugged her to his cheek, cradling her with all the tenderness he could muster. Strong fingers adjusted around her, assuring himself of her realness and keeping her close.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. Hot tears fell from his eyes, soaking patches of her hair and shirt. "I'm so sorry, Elise."

Out of fear for suffocating her, Jared finally moved her back in front of his face. He traced his thumb over the delicate curve of her jaw. He shook his head, eyes glistening in despair. "She's coming."

So many things happened at once. Elise almost worried that she had said too much and angered him. But then, he was holding her close and crying, his voice rumbling around her in an apology that Elise could easily tell was genuine. So she wept with him.

Held before him again, Elise already noticed a difference. Just minutes ago, he had been unsure and a little bit clumsy handling her, not to mention the alarming roughness when he squashed her in the same hand as Sean. But now, Jared held her delicately, as if she might be made of crystal. She barely registered his tearful warning.

More tears flowed freely, but they were perforated with soft laughter. Her relief was almost tangible. Elise leaned her face into his contact, relishing the simple feeling of his giant fingerprints on her cheek. "Oh my God," she whispered. "I thought you might be gone for good." She looked over his face, her eyes drinking in his appearance like it was water in the desert.

Sean sat atop the crate, propped up on his hands. His heart began to beat quicker. "She" could only mean Ambron, he was certain. He clenched his jaw and averted his gaze for a few seconds longer, not wanting to completely ruin their moment. But the fact remained that everyone in the house was in danger now.

He got to his feet, gasping sharply as the pain flared up in his ribs. Definitely too much excitement. "Okay, guys. Kiss and wrap it up, wouldja? We have to see what we can do about chucklehead's most recent call here." Still tactless, of course. But Sean was quite certain that Ambron had planned for Jared to freak out in exactly this way, and probably was just waiting for him to call in.
Starcrossed || Forty-Three


Co-written by :iconpl1:
Dean in Green by Obsess-Confess
Dean in Green
A bedtime study of Dean/Jensen cause he's my fav~
Sean's shirt was patches with labored sweat in the humid container of the shuttle's hull. Kaye was leaning forward, eyes unwavering from the live, magnified camera feed playing on the tablet screen before her. They were moments away from having the tiny computer back in working order... Or they had another eight hours ahead of themselves, depending on how well the new part was received.

"This requires a gentle touch," Neburn murmured. "Stay steady Sean. Just insert the new silicon chip right above the first."

No pressure, Sean thought ruefully. His eyes were focused on the first silicon chip, and the opening above it. It looked so simple. The new chip, gripped delicately in his hand, would be a perfect fit. If he didn't rush or hit it at the wrong angle, at least.

He knew well enough that any setbacks could cost everyone dearly. The more time they wasted trying to fix the stupid ship, the more time Ambron had to track them down. Sean took a steadying breath and wiped his brow. No way I'm going back to being a lab rat, he told himself. His hands suddenly steady, he reached forward and gently nudged the chip into place.

A pause. Sean remained in place, staring at the labyrinth of circuits and wires, unable to tell if it was a working computer or a pile of scrap. "Well ... what do you think?" he called. "How do I tell if I broke it or not?"

"Well, try to turn it on for starters." Kaye prompted him. She and Neburn retained their reverent silence as Sean shifted around inside the small space craft. After carefully scooting back into the deconstructed main cabin, he approached the console and sought out the initial startup panel. He found a pale button, just waiting for him.

There was a pause, then a putting hum from the computer. Kaye braced herself for any number of outcomes- explosions, smoking mainframe, a crazy takeoff right there in the lab.

The console lit up and the windshield flickered with an idle blue projection. Kaye leaned right in near the open door, needing to see this for herself. At last, the screen turned white, and the Allied Planets logo appeared in the bottom right hand corner.

"Welcome. Proceed to setup?" a computerized voice with corresponding text prompted the next step.

"Yes!" Kaye leapt out of her seat, arms thrown over her head in exuberance. "Sean, you did it! You really did it!"

Sean stared at the screen, expecting it to fizzle out at any second. Despite it being downright primitive compared to all of the transparent screens and efficient glass devices on Tessira, it was a welcoming, fresh sight. Even this computer was more advanced than the one on his own ship. His eyes skated over the Allied Planets logo.

Kaye's loud shouts barely made him flinch. Sean took another deep breath and dragged a hand down his face in sheer relief. "Sure did," he answered, making his way to the door. He leaned out to look up at Kaye's beaming face, a proud smirk of his own turning up the corners of his mouth. "Not even a flicker."

He stepped out of the ship, some relief coming to his face as he realized just how stuffy it was inside. The air conditioning in the shop was a refreshing feeling. At least now, with the computer fixed, he'd be able to see about booting up the ship's internal temperature controls. But first thing's first.

"We'd better get Elise. She'll want to see this," he announced, the hopeful look in his eyes growing brighter. So close, he thought with no shortage of optimism, a feeling he hadn't let himself entertain in a long time.

Neburn, Kaye, Elise and Sean all gathered around in the living room with anorexic glasses of Neburn's strongest liquor.

"To progress." Neburn announced, raising his glass.

Kaye grinned down at Elise and Sean, touching her glass to Neburn's before getting down close enough to tap the rim of her glass to the humans'.

"To progress." She echoed heartily. She tilted back the swallow of alcohol, nearly coughing it back up. Neburn had no trouble on the other hand, slurping it down like water.

"Damn that's strong stuff." Kaye wheezed.

Seeing Kaye's reaction to the drink, both humans' smiles shifted to looks of surprise. Sean chuckled and agreed, "To progress," then shrugged and threw back his own shot of liquor. He grimaced slightly as the alcohol burned down his throat, leaving a pleasant warmth in its wake. "She wasn't lying," he commented appreciatively.

Elise chuckled breezily, eyeing her own drink. "To progress!" She didn't fare any better than Kaye when she swallowed it down. There was an immediate warm feeling in her stomach. She gave a quiet cough. "Wow."

She was in high spirits indeed. Other than a few hiccups and an insistent Biosuit malfunction message, the ship's computer was running without many problems. Things were actually going right. "I almost don't believe we actually did it," she said softly, beaming.

Sean couldn't help but remember Jared's insistence that this would never happen. He couldn't wait to see the look on the giant jerk's face. "Well, sweetheart, start believing," he answered. Seeing that Neburn was pouring himself another shot of the powerful drink, he smirked confidently. "Don't count me out of round two," he quipped, holding up his glass to request more. If there was ever a time to celebrate without reservations, this was it.

Elise laughed and shared an amused glance with Kaye. "I ... I think I'll wait a bit to have any more," she admitted sheepishly.

Neburn chuckled heartily, his cheeks rosy as he reached over to top off Sean's tiny glass with a splash of liquor.

"It's my good stuff," he reminded them. "Doesn't slack in the flavor or the burn. I don't break this out of the cabinet for just any old fling. But I can't imagine a better way to toast your future liberation!"

He downed another gulp straight from the bottle, his creaky hands steady on the throat of the blue glass. Kaye shook her head, grinning.

"You gotta teach me your secrets, Doc." She goaded.

"If you're not born with an iron stomach, I can't help you." Neburn countered, throwing a wink at Elise as he eased himself into a faded white armchair. His expression went blank without warning, looking over the edge of the couch. Alarmed, Kaye turned over her shoulder to see Jared standing awkwardly in the doorway. He held two flutes of Notiq in his hands and was looking rather on the fence about whether to come in at all.

Though startled, Kaye leapt upon the hopeful notion.

"Jay, come sit." She smiled and patted the seat next to her. "Is that for me?"

Jared hummed affirmation, handing off the glass of sparkling alcohol to her as he stiffly took a seat on the sofa facing the humans.

"It looks like you guys are getting out of here sooner than we thought, huh?" He pointed out.

"That's right," Kaye said, a bit louder from the strong spirits. She clinked their glasses together with an unstoppable smile. "And that's a reason to celebrate."

Thanks to Kaye's unflappable cheer, Elise recovered quickly from the surprise of Jared joining them. She glanced to the side and saw Sean scoff before throwing back his second shot of liquor. It didn't escape her notice that he resolutely avoided looking at the new arrival in the room.

In an attempt to keep the mood afloat (and aided considerably by the liquid courage), Sean peered over at Elise. "Well, sweetheart. I'd say you earned some vacation time after this. What're you going to do when you get home?"

"Oh, I'm not sure," Elise admitted. "I guess I'll visit my mom." The way the Ambassador had talked to Elise as if he was communicating beyond the grave made her think that her death certificate was printed as soon as he disconnected the call. She needed to see her family first.

Sean nodded, leaning casually against a thick, ornate glass vase that made up the centerpiece on the antique coffee table. "Me, I'm gonna see if my nephew's gotten any taller." His gaze became glassy for a moment as he tried to pin down exactly how long it had been since last he saw that kid. "Guess I'll have to make up for a few missed birthdays," he commented, his smirk returning.

Elise laughed. She looked over at the couch, where Jared still sat rather stiffly. "I'm glad that you came to join us, Jared. It ... it means a lot." Especially after his harsh insistence earlier, that she would be stuck here for good. "Even if you don't remember ... I can't thank you enough for everything you've done to make this possible."

She turned towards Kaye as well. "And you, too, Kaye. Without you, we wouldn't even have the ship."

"Definitely. Good spy work, darlin'," Sean cut in with a wink. His face was a little flushed, and he was definitely trying not to looke like he was relying on the vase too much for support.

Elise finally looked to Neburn, and she offered him a polite bow. "Of course I can't forget to thank you, Doctor. Without you ... well, I'd probably still be trying to put the levers back on the console."

Jared smiled weakly, rocking stiffly when Kaye slung a hand onto his shoulder. He still seemed a stiff, though in his defense that could have been in part from the borrowed clothes he was wearing. The shirts Neburn lent him were a bit small on him- most notably the sleeves that strained to accommodate the muscles of his arms.

Neburn beamed, his spectacles tucked into the pocket of his sweater. "It was a thrilling challenge, Miss Elise. A few more days and you'll be on your way out of the atmosphere."

He tilted back a deep sip of the harsh liquor and relaxed into his seat. So at ease, he looked like a different person.

"Someday, I'll join you up there in the cosmos." He drawled, eyes fixed on the ceiling. "I'll count the stars. Every one of them."

Kaye snorted, tipsy. "Good luck with that. There's a zillion stars up there."

Clutching her empty Notiq flute between her knees, she slumped her head against Jared's shoulder. He raised his eyebrows, smirking down at her softly.

"What are you, eight?" He chuckled. "Out like a light already?"

"Mmmnn." Kaye hummed drowsily.

Sean glanced over at Kaye, smirking at her sudden sluggishness. "To be fair, Kaye got into the notiq earlier, too," he pointed out. Even Sean was noticing that his earlier forays into Tessiran alcohol hadn't completely worn off. That, or he was so incredibly relieved that he was getting giddy just thinking about it. It was probably a bit of both.

"Well. Everyone has been working pretty hard today," Elise added. She only wished she could have made more progress with Jared before he'd stormed off. She wondered if she'd be able to get through to him before they ran out of time to escape. She was determined to try a little harder the following day, to do her own part in this. She felt bad that she hadn't been able to be of much help with the ship.

"I'm amazed that you're still standing, Sean. When did you last take some medicine for the pain?"

Sean snorted and held up his empty glass, shaking it a little. "Just a minute or two ago, sweetheart. Almost can't tell anything's broken," he answered with a smirk.

Elise smiled, her heart warmed by the lifted spirits in the room. Even Jared, no doubt feeling awkward, had decided to join them in celebration. And judging by Kaye's relaxed state and Neburn already nearly snoozing in his chair, everyone would sleep well tonight with their accomplishments in mind.

"I should probably get her to bed," Jared announced to the room not long after. "Come here," He hoisted Kaye to her feet, letting her lean on him. She wasn't completely intoxicated, but she was certainly wobbly on her feet.

"I'll see you guys first thing in the morning. Hope you're ready for liftoff!" Kaye beamed down at the humans, ignoring Jared's silent waves of skepticism.

"Take it easy," He muttered. Kaye waved a sleepy goodnight to Elise and Sean one last time before letting Jared lead her down the well-used corridors to her room.

Her bed was already unmade. She stumbled into it fully dressed, not even bothering to take off her iridescent ankle-highs. Jared sat down beside her, fiddling with the tangled knot of bedding kicked down at the foot of the bed. As he leaned over her to set her up, Kaye's inebriated gaze shifted, noticing him in a way she hadn't allowed herself for years. She tugged on his collar, urging him to look at her.

"We should kiss." Kaye practically whined.

"Yeah, cause that worked out so well last time." Jared retorted. He eased her under the covers, pulling them up to her neck.

Kaye sucked on her lower lip, mulling this over at a sluggish rate from her cozy position. "We were always good at the kissing part."

Jared smiled softly, allowing himself to reminisce on the few pleasant memories of their dating period. "But we kinda sucked at the rest of the stuff." He reminded her with an almost apologetic smile. Kaye took the bait and giggled heartily in agreement, all lustful thoughts abandoned.

"Go to sleep." he told her, shaking his head fondly.

He slapped the door panel as he left, letting it slide shut behind him as he exited. She was fast asleep by the time the door sealed shut.

His footsteps harkened his return to the living room long before Jared came back into view. He emerged from the dimly lit corridor, walking around the back of the couch to find the humans in roughly the same position as where he had left them. In the armchair behind them, Neburn was snoring softly, his head nodded to one side. Jared scoffed slightly.

"I guess you guys need a lift, huh?" He raised his eyebrows at the pair of them. Pushing the liquor bottle aside, Jared crouched down and leaned in close. "I'll walk you guys back to your room." he shrugged. He reached forward, hesitated, then committed to the movement.

Sean looked critical, and he eyed Jared's approaching hands as if they were about to lunge forward at any moment. Elise, however, smiled a soft, grateful smile and stood her ground. Being hesitant, she reasoned, would only make Jared even more uncomfortable with the task. He needed to be reminded that he could be trusted taking a human in his hands.

"That's very kind of you, Jared. We-" Elise paused to gasp when his hand reached her. It wrapped around her a little more snugly than she remembered. "We appreciate it," she finished, recovering from the surprise. It wasn't exactly his fault. He didn't remember handling humans, so there was no reason to expect him to be an instant expert again.

Sean was not so tactful. "Hey, man, be careful, wouldja?" he groused, noticing how Elise had stiffened. He stepped away from the vase, his footsteps surprisingly heavy. He released a frustrated sigh when Jared's other hand wound around him easily. At least he didn't grab him as tightly as the other day. "We're not action figures, buddy," he warned.

"It's alright," Elise insisted. She patted the hand holding her encouragingly. "You're doing fine. Thank you for the help."

Jared hummed in his throat, trying to hide the condescending smirk that threatened to flicker at hearing Sean's comment.

"I don't think anyone would want toys with such a mouth on them." He replied under his breath.

Though his Hazel eyes lingered on Elise several times, he still seemed to clamp up when he looked at her. He could only nod in reply to her gratitude, keeping his eyes forward as he retraced his steps to the bedrooms. His pace increased as he got closer to their room. His pulse pounded, his palms heating up around their bodies.

The humans' room automatically lit up from the motion sensor.

"Deactivate overhead." Jared ordered. The room went dark.

Groans and gasps of protest came from both humans when he smushed Sean into the same hand as Elise, freeing up his other hand. Jared snagged a pitcher of water off the nightstand as he passed, dumping the contents onto the floor as he continued forward. He had his eye on one of the most sturdy crates covering the window.

In a smooth motion, he placed the humans in the center of the chipped-paint top of the crate. Jared glimpsed their wide-eyed desperation in the glint of sunset for only a moment before he slammed the pitcher down on top of them. Residual water dripped down from the impact.

"Don't make yourself anymore pathetic by trying to escape." He patted the side of the glass irreverently.

Elise sputtered as water splashed onto her face from the jolt. The sound of the pitcher slamming down still rang in her ears, and she watched with bewilderment as Sean stormed toward Jared. "What the hell is this?!" Sean demanded, pounding on the glass with a fist. His other arm was curled weakly around his stomach. "Let us out, dammit!"

Elise swallowed thickly, searching Jared's face. She saw only cold condescension there. "Jared ... why did you ... why are you doing this?" she asked, her voice almost breaking. His taunting remark had not sounded like it even came from him. She heard no sign of the tentative friendliness that he had exhibited just that afternoon.

She thought she had been so close....

Sean glanced back and saw the confusion and hurt on Elise's face, and he scoffed. Turning back to glare at Jared through the glass, he spat, "Who cares why he's doing it? Probably just on a fucking power trip." He kicked the glass, his breathing becoming a little faster as the trapped feeling started to really settle in. "Let us out," he commanded once more.

Jared stared right back at him, unimpressed. "This is temporary. I just need to be sure of where you are when I get back." Without apology or explanation, he left the room, sealing the door shut behind him as he left.
Starcrossed || Forty-Two


Co-written by :iconpl1:
Sam pushed down on the accelerator, wishing for the first time the Impala was faster. Most days he bitched about how fast Dean drove, but right now he'd give anything for twice that speed.

The massive boots behind him stumbled, shaking the car and the tiny passenger. He caught sight of two colossal legs, clad in worn denim arcing up past the boots, and he didn't even want to think about the rest, stretching up into the sky.

Where the hell am I?

The car rocketed over the bumpy black ground, tires finding purchase against the strange texture. For a few seconds of peace, he thought he might have escaped, that whatever it was out there would let him get away and get to safety. His sleep-deprived mind went through a fast list of priorities... find Dean, find out where the hell he was, get back to reality. Wherever that was. As if anything in his life was ever that simple.

The car shook again, and his eyes widened when he saw the massive boots lunge towards the car out of nowhere. They easily cleared all the ground he'd covered in seconds, slamming down next to the Impala. Something huge shadowed over the windows, and with a sudden jerk, the car stopped. The seat belt he'd hastily thrown on barely caught him in time, keeping his head from slamming into the wheel.

Recovering, Sam glanced around the almost pitch black interior. Something huge was pressing against the windows, blocking off the outside. All he could see out of the back window was a huge wall of denim, pressed against the ground. A tiny bit of light shone through the windshield, enough for him to make out... fingers, that's fingers, something's got hold of the Impala... and considering that whatever had him in its grip had almost crushed him and the car already, he felt a surge of determination fill him. Sam pulled himself back to the wheel, slamming down on the gas. He needed to focus. This was no time to panic. His priorities scrolled through his mind. Gotta get away, gotta find Dean...

Tires screeched as whatever had him in its grip held the car there, effortlessly stopping their escape. Burning rubber filled the air in desperation. He heard a voice outside exclaim in surprise, loud enough to rumble straight through Sam.

He flinched down, suddenly blinded. A huge spotlight shone into the back window, illuminating the interior of the car. Sam tried to catch a glimpse of whatever had captured him and the Impala, but couldn't make out anything past the glaring light. He could, however, now make out the massive fingers wrapped around the windows, each easily thicker than his entire body. Sam jerked away from the driver's side window in shock at the sheer size. What the hell?!

His train of thought died off as the light went away and the fingers readjusted on the car. The front of the car briefly dipped down as they were lifted, easily hauled into the air by a hand longer than the entire car. Sam's stomach did flip-flops as the ground dropped away, for more reasons than just the height (but considering how high up in the air they were, it might be better Dean wasn’t in the car at the moment).

Sam let up on the gas, knowing he was just wasting effort and gas while they were suspended in the air. The car turned swiftly around, the giant outside handling it like a small toy. The Impala's headlights illuminated a huge wall of blue fabric in front of them for a few seconds before Sam was again blinded by the spotlight, this time through the driver's side window. He flinched away, trying to throw his hands up to block the blinding light.

His eyes didn't have time to adjust before all of a sudden, the car dropped, slamming back down to the ground. Thrown to the side by the unexpected motion, Sam moaned as he pulled himself back up in the seat. His arm ached from the awkward landing.

The ground trembled again, shaking him and knocking his head against the back of the seat. Hesitantly, he peered out the window. The giant, or whatever the hell was out there waiting for him, had pulled a few dozen feet away, enormous hands on the ground for support. Next to the car was a long, silver tube, with a light shining out of one end, illuminating more of the dark, bumpy ground. In the area lit up by the shining light, Sam could see that the black ground switched to a familiar yellow a little over a dozen feet away. His mouth went dry when realization hit. He hadn't been transported anywhere...

And if that was true...

A massive hand landed a few feet away from the driver's side door. Sam flinched back at the size - it was easily longer than the Impala itself, and the fingers were bigger than Sam. Their appearance displayed exactly how helpless he would be if the car was grabbed again, making his breath catch in his throat. Completely helpless… not a familiar feeling for Sam. He was used to being able to do something to help himself, but not even the Impala was fast enough!

A shadow moved in the darkness past the light on the ground as something huge lowered into sight.

A landscape of skin and stubble flattened against the ground, suddenly snapping into familiarity when he caught sight of the huge, panicked eye that peered into the car, barely level with the window while pushed against the ground.


His brother was a giant.

No, that can't be right... Sam remembered the strange ground, the familiar yellow stripe the car was parked near... His eyes widened in realization. He's not a giant, I'm tiny.


All these thoughts passed through his head in seconds. He saw the massive mouth crack open... Sam couldn't help flinching away at the sight, instinctively afraid of something that could eat him, no matter that it was just his brother. His brother wasn’t supposed to be bigger than the Statue of Liberty.

A deep voice drowned his thoughts out, familiarity overshadowed by the sheer volume. "Sam." A tone of shock, disbelief, horror hit him, like a solid wall of sound.

Dean, it's just Dean... Taking a deep breath to steel himself, Sam forced himself to meet Dean’s gaze and cautiously rolled down the window. His breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of the rest of Dean's body, stretching away into the night. It was unreal how immense Dean was. How small Sam and the Impala were...

He leaned slightly out the window, calling up, "D-Dean... is t-that you?"

Sam couldn't wipe the fear from his voice, shaking in time with his body while he tried to reassure himself. It didn't help much. His instincts were begging him to floor the gas again, get away, get to safety. Escape from someone big enough to step on him and the Impala both without even noticing… the memory of how close it had been flashed through his mind, forcing to light the danger he was in even now. The Impala wasn’t even the size of a boot.

Dean was positively nauseous. If his hand hadn’t been held flat against the ground, it would have been shaking. Getting hitched to a vampire sounded more likely than Sam shrinking.

"Yeah. I'm the real deal," Dean confirmed. His hot breath fogged up the back window. "What... what the hell happened to you, man?" he whispered.

A few seconds of the hapless look he got in return told him that he wasn't going to be getting an answer to that just yet. He rolled away slightly, checking their surroundings again for any sign of an intruder lurking nearby. But even with his honed tracking skills, Dean was picking up on nothing- human or not.

Looking back at Sam was as jarring as the first time, twisting the knot in his stomach mercilessly.  Sam was so small, he could probably curl up into a matchbox with no trouble. Dean hadn't even seen him...

Oh god, I almost smushed my own brother.

"Gotta get you outta the open," Dean muttered with a new determination. They could figure out what the hell was going on once they were behind closed doors. "You better, uh... hang onto something."

There was an undeniable care in his touch when he wrapped his hand around the Impala again. His thumb planted just below the window on the driver's side. With one last nod at Sam, Dean stood up. He cradled his second hand under the tires as long as he could during the brisk walk to the motel room, not wanting to rattle Sam around anymore than he undoubtedly already was.

Impatient, Dean jammed the motel room key into the lock. After one last paranoid glance around the night for any spectators, the blonde hunter ducked into the lit room and locked the door behind him.

Sam leaned away from the window as Dean talked, a hot breeze hitting him and the Impala with every word spoken. His mouth was ash, unable to bring himself to respond to Dean's loud words. He stared up when Dean trailed off into a question, realizing he was supposed to respond. No words came to him, his mind trapped replaying the horror he'd just gone through. Waking up, almost getting stepped on by boots bigger than the car, helplessly held in a hand stronger than all the Impala's horsepower. All he could do was stare at Dean, wishing he would wake up from this nightmare.

His mind came back to him briefly, enough for him to remember to switch the car into park, letting the engine idle. While doing this, he realized his arm ached from when he'd been tossed against the door when Dean had dropped the car. Rubbing it, his eyes widened when Dean moved, pulling his face off the ground and looming over the Impala once more. Dean’s movements were so large, so alien, Sam almost couldn't comprehend them. His entire world was slipping away from him, surrounding him instead with a dangerous and alien landscape.

The huge hunter above him stared around the parking lot, intense eyes taking in the surroundings too dark and distant for Sam to make out. He couldn't help jumping when those huge eyes turned back down to him, freezing him in their stare. The look in them still held as much panic as Sam felt, for a situation neither of them was prepared for.

His brother's voice came again, a much softer tone that Sam was inordinately grateful for. Everything was so loud now... Even Dean's footsteps. He shied away from that thought, remembering how close he'd come to bring crushed under those feet not so long ago. "Gotta get you outta the open," Dean muttered down at him thoughtfully.

Sam froze at the way Dean was talking - not giving him a choice in the matter. Still, it's not like you want to sit out in the open, waiting for someone else to come along. And you can't really get yourself outta here at this size, can you?

Dean finished his thought. "You better, uh... hang onto something."

Before Sam realized what was happening, that huge hand was reaching for the Impala again. This time instead of the quick and dangerous grab from earlier that had almost sent Sam flying through the windshield, the powerful fingers slowly wrapped around the car, almost lovingly caressing the slick black exterior of the Impala. A huge thumb rested right below the open window Sam was sitting next to, careful to not dent the metal. "Holy crap," Sam muttered below Dean's earshot, staring at the deep ridges covering the thumb. He could sink his fingers into them if he wanted to.

Sam grabbed the wheel as Dean put action to words, standing to his full height with the Impala held in his hand. Eighteen feet of car lifted up, as easy as a toy. Sam’s stomach dropped when he saw how high in the air they were being held, suspended helplessly a hundred feet above solid ground. He twisted around in his seat, breath catching in his throat at the behemoth flannel wall rising up beside him higher still, like a skyscraper. He could even make out all the knobs and threads on it from being worn so many times, too small to see before today.

The other hand came up beneath the car, letting the tires rest on the ridged and callused skin below. Sam closed his eyes at the realization of how small he was, trapped between two hands bigger than the car itself. But it's Dean, he reminded himself. He just wants to keep you safe. Not trapped - safe. You’ll be fine.

Without another word, Dean started walking with them sandwiched in his hands like that. Sam's heart jumped as he felt the huge footsteps echo up from the ground, shaking everything in the car. The same footsteps he'd almost been crushed under earlier. He unconsciously tightened his grip against the wheel again, glad to have the seatbelt holding him in place through the sharp vibrations.

The footsteps were fast - brisk. Dean was in a hurry to get out of sight with them. Thankfully. Sam didn’t want to see another giant while he was like this. The outside world flew by at an almost blinding speed. Sam caught a brief glimpse of another car, huge beyond imagining before Dean stepped up onto the sidewalk, shaking the Impala and its passenger from the movement.

The motel came into view at last, making Sam realize the only reason he hadn't been able to see it before was because of his new size - it must have been too distant to make out in the darkness that surrounded them. Doors passed by too fast for Sam to read the numbers. A slight nausea rose in him at the speed they were traveling, and the lack of control he had over any of it.

The dizzying trip finally ended with Dean pausing in front of an immense door at the end of the hallway. He caught sight of tall gold numbers on the door - room 108. The hand that had been under the car dropped away unexpectedly, the other tightening its hold on the tiny car. A moment later the other hand appeared again, holding a large key between the fingers. Dean quickly opened the door, shoving his way in. Sam was unexpectedly slammed into the side of the Impala once more when Dean twisted around to click the deadbolt in place. A surge of pain sliced through his arm, ratcheting up the pain a few more notches. He couldn’t help but grab the arm to try and cushion it against further damage.

A few moments later, the car was gently placed down on the table, the huge hands drawing away. A shadow fell over the front windshield as Dean leaned down, peering in with worried eyes. Sam pulled himself back up in the seat, favoring his hurt arm. He fearfully met his brother's huge greens.

Sam realized he had no idea what to do. Or how to handle a brother the size of a mountain. What kind of case is this, anyway?

Dean felt naked without his bag and car keys to set down after strolling inside. But the keys were still in the ignition, and his duffel bag was still in the backseat... leaving them entirely minuscule and useless to him. Even though Sam was the one out of place, it was hard not to feel like a giant when everything familiar to him was smaller than his hand.

Steadying his shuddering breaths, Dean took a seat in front of the miniaturized car and stared it down.

"You wanna come out of there?" It didn't occur to him what a monumental thing he was asking Sam to do, though on some level he understood the trepidation.

Dean’s eyes grazed over the exterior of his car over for any damage he might have caused it whilst handling it. A fingerprint had smudged over the entire passenger's side window and door. He had to restrain the urge to polish it off right then and there. It could wait.

He frowned slightly, noticing a certain achiness in Sam's movements. But he was still hauled up inside the car, preventing Dean from getting a good look.

"Sam," he prompted gently. "Come on, I don't bite."

Sam gave a start at Dean's statement. He didn't want to get out of the car. The familiarity of the inside - surrounded by items the same scale as him - was keeping him from freaking out completely. So the last thing he wanted to do was step outside, where he'd be small and vulnerable and exposed. But the pleading in Dean's eyes caught him off guard.

"I - I know," he managed to get out. "It's just.... Dean, you almost stepped on me! And the Impala! We almost... if I hadn't..." he lost what he was saying, starting to hyperventilate from everything he'd just gone through.

Dean averted his gaze guiltily, clenching his jaw. It was hard to look in through the tiny open window at Sam's face now, harder still to come to terms with the fact that he had inspired such genuine fear in his brother.

"How the hell was I supposed to know you'd be... like this? " he countered, keeping his voice soft.

Dean replayed the last few minutes in his mind's eye. If not for Sam's quick actions, there could have easily been a crunch of busted metal and... Dean wouldn't have thought anything of it until it was too late. He drug a hand over his face. The crushing guilt kept him quiet for a solid minute. But inevitably, his green eyes peeked open and stared into the impossible sight before him.

"I didn't shake you up too bad, did I?"

Sam buried his head in his arms at Dean's answer. He knew Dean was right - in what world would either of them have ever expected to find the Impala suddenly small enough to step on? Facts like that didn't help his confidence at all, though. He was having a hard time coming to terms with everything that had changed in the blink of an eye. His own vulnerability. He’d been 6’4 maybe ten minutes ago… now, he’d be lucky to top two, maybe three inches.

Sam pushed that all out of his mind stubbornly. He needed to calm his breathing, get out of this mind funk and figure a way back to normal. He'd faced countless nightmares in his life without flinching, and here he was, afraid of Dean, his own brother.

With good reason, his mind whispered insidiously, reminding him how close it had been. If he hadn't woken up in time...

Not helpful! he snapped back angrily, still working through the events of the last few minutes. He could practically feel the guilt bleeding off of Dean from what he’d almost done.

Sam managed to steady his breathing and steel himself for what he was about to do, focusing on Dean's question. His internal battle quieted for the moment. "I'm fine," he called up, forcing himself to meet the concerned green eyes peering down at him hesitantly from so high above. "Just... got my arm banged up a bit when the car dropped. Barely noticeable." His smile was wavering as he spoke, trying to cover up the pain.

He considered staying in the car for a second, but discarded the idea quickly. He'd have to come out eventually, so he might as well get it over with now. And it might help reassure Dean that he was okay.

Sam turned off the car, tucking the keys into the side pocket of his jacket. He couldn't afford to let anything from the Impala out of sight, considering that most of it was practically microscopic to Dean. He cringed away from that line of thought quickly, knowing it could almost be applied to himself just as easily. Unlocking the door with his good arm, Sam pushed it open. His boots scuffed against the rough wood grain of the table as he stepped out of the car.

Sam tried to hide a flinch when his injured arm bumped the door frame as he climbed out. The last thing he needed to do was worry Dean even more if he realized how much Sam's arm had been hurt. And how easily. Leaving the door open behind him just in case he needed to duck back in fast, Sam took a few hesitant steps towards his mountainous brother.

He took a deep, calming breath once he was in the open air, trying to stop the trembles from the adrenaline rush minutes ago. It was starting to get better, at least.

Dean, on the other hand, abandoned any calm thoughts altogether. It was one thing to see Sam all tiny, cooped up inside the shrunken car... but now he stood alone, revealing just how much height he had lost. Dean felt winded at the sight, short of breath, as if he'd lost a fight with a leaden punching bag.

How the hell am I supposed to fix this?

Not wanting to scare Sam back into hiding, Dean slowly lowered his chin to the edge of the table. Even then, he had to lower his gaze to look him in the eye.

"Holy fuck," he whispered, simultaneously awestruck and horrified. Even at such a low decibel, he watched a concerned frown flicker over Sam's face. Dean wondered absently if he was too loud, or if even breathing carelessly would knock the itty bitty guy right off his feet.

As gingerly as he could manage, Dean set his right hand back on the table and slid it to Sam. He reached with an index finger and thumb in a pinching gesture, aiming to take a look at the sore arm his little brother was cradling.

At the last second, just a breath away from actually making contact with the fabric of Sam's jacket, the comparison between them became too much. Dean chickened out and whipped his hand away. His immense body soared away from Sam as he sat back in his seat and pushed out his chair.

"I'll get you some ice," he muttered. Dean stood up, growing to skyscraper height before Sam's eyes as he trudged over to the other side of the modest TV set in the middle of room.

Considering the situation, Dean was thoroughly grateful that this particular Motel 6 included a mini fridge/freezer combo in their standard rooms. That meant he didn't have to stress about leaving the room to do an ice run in the hallway machine. He didn't want Sam out of his sight for more than a second right now.

Dean grabbed a cube at random from the freezer. He weighed it in his hand-- too big. He stood up and dropped it on the laminate flooring, letting it shatter into a dozen more manageable fragments. Dean swore he could feel Sam watching him as he crouched down and procured a sliver of ice and wrapped it up in a corner of napkin.

And even then, it was a little large when he handed it off to Sam.

Where Sam was clutching his arm proved it wasn't dislocated at the very least. And thank God for that because Dean had no idea how he would go about fixing that.


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